Off Topic Throwback: Barry’s Temple of Godzilla

Barry’s Temple of Godzilla (why not?)

Hey! Welcome to the Temple of Godzilla. I’m absolutely thrilled you decided to stop by, and I hope you have as much fun exploring its many nooks and crannies as I have had building it all. Before you start your journey, though, I have a few simple ground rules:

I have worked long and hard to make the Temple of Godzilla a unique expression of my creativity and personal feelings toward Godzilla. I would ask you to please respect that. I do not own Godzilla, and many of the images I got from other sources. Wherever possible, however, I have tried to provide pictures and sounds which could not be found elsewhere on the Web. Plus, some of the things you will find here are my own creations, such as my icons, animated Gif’s and all my “Original Art” photos. I cannot stop you from downloading these things and using them on your own web pages. In fact, I’m flattered that anybody likes them enough to want them on their own pages. If you dodownload stuff to use on other web pages, though, I ask that you GIVE ME CREDIT!!!

Under NO circumstances should you EVER put a direct link to an image, audio file, etc. found at the Temple!!! I cannot stress this enough. I have been charged for “excess file transfers” and even been shut down due to the number of hits my page has received. I have no way of monitoring and, if necessary, controlling traffic on my website if people are linking to individual images and other files. Don’t get me wrong — I would be HONORED if you would like to put a link to the Temple on your website, but PLEASE link to the main page and not an individual file.

[For some good suggestions on how to make a great Godzilla page without copying or linking to files found here at the Temple of Godzilla, check out my new How to Make a Great Godzilla Page Section]

I welcome feedback, comments and questions about my page and Godzilla in general and, while I respect everybody’s opinion, I ask you to please respect mine as well. Please do not get upset at me if I have a different view than yours. I will NOT respond to rude, vulgar e-mails. If you really think I’m way off base with a review of your all-time favorite Godzilla movie, don’t yell and scream at me – go get your own page and share your views with the world!

Ummmm… That’s about it. Thanks again, and enjoy!

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