Mapcore: [Q2] Bugdm2 thru 9 re-release (12 years later)

Mapcore: [Q2] Bugdm2 thru 9 re-release (12 years later)


By Bugman,

In response to the release of bugdm10, and my return to Q2 dm mapping after 12 years estranged, I’m re-releasing my previous eight dm maps, both individually and as a single zip file. Since it’s been so long since the first eight came out (roughly 12 years since the last one), I thought the re-release would be appropriate. The earlier you go, you’ll see the quality drop off. In bugdm2, for instance, the lip around the water in the basement is too high to allow the player to get out. Whoops. I thought about re-working the maps and then re-releasing, but that would be confusing with the other maps already out there and frankly, there are more exciting things to do than rework old ideas. Anyway, for nostalgia’s sake, here they are:

Bugdm2 – Bugdm10 Single File


Bugdm2 – Bludgeon


Bugdm3 – One Man’s Junk


Bugdm4 – The Septic Tank


Bugdm5 – Desperation’s Edge


Bugdm6 – The Dent


Bugdm7 – Isolation Therapy


Bugdm8 – Inner Thunder


Bugdm9 – The Gruf


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