Dogs of War Clan: Wolf Pics

Dogs of War Clan: Wolf Pics


Name Fred
Location Iowa
Age 35
Favorite Map(s) Edge, Warehouse (Q2DM8), ZTN, TRDM
Favorite Weapon(s) Rocket Launcher, Grenades
Favorite Saying “caw cawcaw”
Connection Cable

AMD 500mhz, 96MB RAM, GeForce mmx400 pci, SoundBlaster 16, Cambridge SoundWorks Speakers,AOpen wheelmouse.


Name Mike
Location Texas
Age 40
Favorite Map(s) Yeah, that one
Favorite Weapon(s) Rocket Launcher, Rail
Favorite Saying “That’ll Leave a Mark!!”
Connection Cable
Athlon 1800+, 512MB PC2700 DDR, X-Micro GeForce4 Ti4200, Hitachi 21″ Monitor


Comments I’m here for the fun. Anyone who isn’t needs to take a step outdoors, breathe deeply, and GET A LIFE! It’s a game, get over it.


Name Tom
Location Ohio
Age 57
Favorite Map(s) Crucible, Edge, Strike, WH2
Favorite Weapon(s) Rocket Launcher, Rail, Super Shotgun
Favorite Saying “howwwwwwwllllllllllllllllllllllllllll”
Connection 56k Dial-up
P3-700, 64MB RAM, TNT2 w/ 32MB, SoundBlaster Live, Microsoft 2-button Mouse.


Name Mike
Location Minnesota
Age 49
Favorite Map(s) Carena, Railomatic, Clover, EH maps
Favorite Saying “Keep The Greasy Side Down”
Favorite Weapon(s) Rail, Super Shotgun
Connection Cable
Genuine Intel Family 15 Model 1 2.0, 512 RAM, 37.25 GB Hard Drive, 32 MB Nvidia


Gaming Leagues If I were in a league, I would be dead last. I play for the fun. Rankings won’t do a thing for ya, cept, maybe make your ego bigger than it should be.
Comments I’m too old for this nonsense, but hey, it relaxes me. Peace bros.


Name Mark
Location Virginia
Age 32
Favorite Map(s) meadow3,q2dm1,bitchweiser
Favorite Weapon(s) Rocket Launcher, Rail
Favorite Saying “n1”
Connection DSL
P4 2.53ghz 533fsb 768mb DDR ATI Radeon 9700Pro vid. SB Audigy


Name Luke
Location Michigan
Age 21
Favorite Map(s) Ztn2dm3, q2dm5, rene24
Favorite Weapon(s) Chaingun, Rocket Launcher
Favorite Saying “Hope is nothing more than wishful thinking and must be avoided at all costs: it abrogates definitive focus and creates false friends who are worse than true enemies.”
Connection Cable
380 mhz compaq with AMD k6-2 proccessor 320mb ram Crystal Audio(1997) isa slot sound card TNT2 M64 32meg pci video card



DWX N4ilb0mb



Name Butch
Location Arkansas
Age 32
Favorite Map(s) Edge, Unknown Domain
Favorite Weapon(s) Super Shotgun, Chaingun
Favorite Saying “wOOt!!!”
Connection DSL
Athlon XP1900+,512MB DDR,Epox8kha+,SBlive, GeForce4 Ti4200,MAG 19



I just love to play this game.


Name Mike
Location Massachusetts
Age 25
Favorite Map(s) Carena, Levels, Meadow3
Favorite Weapon(s) Rocket Launcher, Rail, Super SHotgun, Grenade Launcher
Connection DSL
Sony vaio pentium 4 1.8 ghz 512 mb ram 80 gig hd radion 7000 video card and santa cruz turtle beach sound card and a NEC multisync FE700 17″moniitor


Comments none at this time


Name David
Location Texas
Age 22
Favorite Map(s) dm3 dm8 ztn maps
Favorite Weapon(s) Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, Machine Gun, Hyper Blaster
Favorite Saying “be in the moment”
Connection Cable
p3 700, 512ram, gf2, dual optical mouse ,sb64


Comments I”m bored


Name Brian
Location Massachusetts
Age 15
Favorite Map(s) Q2dm1,2box4
Favorite Weapon(s) Rocket Launcher, Rail
Favorite Saying “LoL!”
Connection DSL
Intel P3 1.2ghz, HP Monitor, INtEL graphics card


Thngs I like to do I Like to Dirtbike alot and play quake2


Name Chzrles
Location Illinois
Age 59
Favorite Map(s) ztn – all of them & edge
Favorite Weapon(s) Rocket Launcher, Rail, Super SHotgun, Grenade Launcher
Favorite Saying “hi all “
Connection 56k dial up
P2 300 64 ram no video card – play on software ensoniq sound card 17″ MAG monitor


Comments lets have fun!


Name Joshua
Location Ohio
Age 24
Favorite Map(s) Brokenedge , Lfctf5 , Cheese3
Favorite Weapon(s) Rocket Launcher, Rail, Super SHotgun, Grenade Launcher, Nades
Favorite Saying F’ em if they can’t take a joke
Connection DSL
 Hardware Gateway celeron 500, Internal Vid card, Cyrstal audio sound, monitor- Gateway evo 500 17 inch


Name Quinn
Location California
Age 22
Favorite Map(s) Q2dm1
Favorite Weapon(s) Grenade Launcher, Rail
Favorite Saying “Don’t eat yellow snow”
Connection Cable
Diamond Stealth 3, 128mb RAM , 30 Gig, best part of q2 – the new skulls!!


Gaming ahh, i sux , but i’m getting better


Name John
Location Florida
Age 29
Favorite Map(s) EDGE
Favorite Weapon(s) Rocket Launcher, Railgun ,Chaingun
Connection Cable
Dont laugh! hehe 900 MHZ Duron <— =( 512 MB RAM Geforce 2 TI 64 MB DDR Sound Blaster Live! 17″ CRT generic OS Windows XP Professional


Name Peter
Location California
Age 21
Favorite Map(s) Q2dm1
Favorite Weapon(s) Super Shotgun,CHaingun
Favorite Saying “wOOt!”
Connection Cable
 Hardware Laptop, nothing special


Name James
Location New York
Age 23
Favorite Map(s) dm1/rage
Favorite Weapon(s) Rocket Launcher, Rail,Chaingun and Super Shotgun
Favorite Saying
Connection Cable
ram 64…32meg vid card….sound card not sure of.monitor brand is gateway size is 17r


Comments I just want to say im glad to be here.every one has been really cool and fun to play with.


Name Tim
Location Ohio
Age 16
Favorite Map(s) q2dm1, ztn2dm2, ztn2dm3, q2dm3
Favorite Weapon(s) Super Shotgun, Chaingun, Nades. Rocket Launcher, Rail
Favorite Saying n1
Connection Cable
1.1 GHz Intel Celeron Processor 256MB SyncRAM Geforce2MX 400 PCI emachines monitor, 17″


June 1999 a clan emerged from a clan called Clan Chaney. Three members broke off to found the new clan Mr.Mike aka Darthanion, Thomas and Skarecrowe. They divided up thier powers equally and formed the leadership and morals.Be part of the pack or you were dinner was our mottoand adopted the awolf skin as our team skin. We would play dont kill wolf or DKW as we called it then and we would go as a pack on servers hunting those who gave others a hard time or liked to camp alot. We mostly played on servers with no self damage and learned to rocket jump something fierce.. Some of the members that were recruited were quake 2 friends like Hellborg. Miraclos and Ravenmoor. Recruiting was a done with a few things in mind mainly attitude compatablility and skills. The best player we recruited was Oblivion he was a great jumper and champion of gxmod. We played alot of two on two and usually got tore into but we always had a good attitude win or lose. Railz was added as a great railer and Deity and Gunslinger were great team players. As the members list grew we added members like Terje and Drunk_Wang, these guys were great to get along with and alot of fun too! Robman2k , J1nX, Hardcore and Date were the final members added to the list.We all played on Crowe’s Nest and it became a popular server for everyone.

As the clan grew together we tried adding a female into the mix called CutiePie, she didnt work out well for the clan so we asked her to leave.We also many times asked CrazyChiMan to join us because he played alot of games with us but wanted to stay in Dev!ne at that time. Through the course of about a year the only players that played and practiced were the founding members and we had a meeting. We discussed what would be best at that time and voted 2 to 1 to put the clan in the closet.

We all still played but not as a clan. I then joined LaG and was there for about a year and resigned for my own reasons. I then consulted with Mr.Mike and Thomas about revitallizing the DOGS OF WAR they didnt mind but said they coulnt put the time into it that they use too. So the DOGS OF WAR came back to the quake 2 scene.With me came Xtreme Trooper-X M3rC and La5er. We were the new founding members and Lordz. Many other members from the old LaG clan followed us to our new DEN.We also finally recruited CrazyChiMan a long time friend of mine and DWx.

Since then we have picked up many members and have 3 servers goin for the clan that can be changed to basically any mod. We play matches weekly now and have a good pack who likes to play for fun. That is what we are about.

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