TastySpleen LAN Party 2007

TastySpleen LAN Party 2007


[BTF]DeathStalker, [BTF]Grim Reaper, and Kickstart Bubba

What is a LAN Party?

The Athens LAN is both a “Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC)” and a “Rent a Computer” computer gaming party.  We play Quake 2 and other games on a Local Area Network (LAN) — similar to playing on the Internet but more social.  Team games take on a new level of fun when you can yell out to your teammates next to you.  And, it is a party, meaning you can share stories and meet people in ways you can’t online.  It’s fun.

I Want to Attend, What do I do?

The following should give you some ideas.  Feel free to email Defiant! for advice btf.defiant@gmail.com.

1.  Plan Your Attendance

  • Confirm Reservation at the LAN by email to Defiant! btf.defiant@gmail.com,
    • The LAN Party is $30 for two days
    • Additional cost To-Be-Determined for computer rental if you don’t bring your computer.
  • Reserve or share a hotel room (see Hotel)
  • If you want to attend QuakeCon too.. Confirm a reservation and Hotel at QuakeCon space at QuakeCon is limited.

2.  Travel

  • Bring your computer or rent one at the party (see below for what to bring)
  • If you want to ride share to the LAN, check out the TastySpleen Quake 2 Frappr site, to find people near you.
  • If you also want to attend QuakeCon, you need to reserve your spot there: QuakeCon

What to Bring?

You want to bring a good attitude, optionally your computer, and some cash.

Good Attitude

Have a good attitude.  We don’t condone rude behavior, rude speech, cheating at games, or any of the obvious things which is going to spoil the fun for the group.  We don’t expect any problems, but will deal with them so that everyone can have fun.


Either bring a computer or reserve one at the Athens LAN Arena (a dozen high performance gaming machines are available).  Your computer should include:

  • powerstrip and all cables your computer needs
  • network cable and a working network card (you probably already use it to connect to the internet)
  • your monitor
  • don’t forget to bring headphones

If you are also attending QuakeCon

  • Recommend you bring a luggage dolly/roller for your computer (e.g. a dolly or similar for standing in line for BYOC)


You will need money for your hotel, food, and for the party.  The party is $30.  If you rent a computer, the rate hasn’t been determined.. it is regularly $5/hour but the owners say they want to provide a discount. 


Athens LAN Party

The LAN party starts 10 AM Tuesday July 30th 2007 and continues into the night of Wednesday August 1st.

You are encouraged to arrive the day before to visit and play the night before.

For those attending QuakeCon too..  QuakeCon BYOC sign-in is Thursday August 2nd in the morning and continues until Sunday 5 August.


There are several hotels in Athens.  If you are going to QuakeCon, you could also stay there and commute every day.

The Athens LAN Arena Facts

  • easily fits 40 people,
  • 12 high end machines (Core2Duo + G8800GTS Graphics) with Q2 and other games pre-installed ready for rental use during the LAN
  • 5Mbs down / 512Mb+ up net connection
  • Wireless Internet


Anyone with a good attitude is invited to play

See TastySpleen Frappr Map of the Tastyspleen Quake 2 Community

Special Requests

I want to play game XYZ or mod 123

You can play anything you want at the LAN, we are considering having a schedule for team games and tournaments.  Drinking alcohol is only available after closing time for the Athens LAN Arena (it is a family estabilishment).

If you want to branch outside Quake 2, Athens LAN Arena has: Call of Duty 1 & 2, Quake II, 3, and 4, Unreal Tournament 2004, Prey, Halo: CE, FEAR Director’s Edition, Age of Empires III, EA Sports 06 Collection, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Dark Messiah Might and Magic, World of Warcraft and The Burning Crusades, Rise of Nations, Age of Mythology, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight, and Many Many More. NEW FOR PC! StarCraft Battle Chest!

Eating, Drinking?

We’ll probably all pitch in for some pizza or BBQ.  The Athens LAN Arena sells chips and soda which you can buy.

Can I bring my kick-butt speakers?

Please bring headphones and use them.

What are we going to play?

Quake 2!   I expect some Free For All, 1 vs 1 tournament, and team games like team-deathmatch, capture the flag, and team-railz.  We also plan on some WOD-X, maybe QPong, and other silly Quake 2 games.    Other games are available, the Athens LAN Arena has several dozen of the latest titles.

What do I do with my computer when I want to sleep?

Take it with you to the hotel.  Or arrange to leave it in the Athens LAN Arena.

I’m going to the Athens Party and QuakeCon, can we share a ride?

Yes, we encourage people to ride share over to the QuakeCon on Thursday morning.  It is about an hour drive.

Organizers & Sponsors

  • [BTF]Deathstalker – CoOwner of Athens LAN Arena MGComputer@suddenlink.net
  • [BTF]Defiant! email: btf.defiant@gmail.com
  • [BTF]Gator
  • [BTF]Jehar
  • Quadz (of TastySpleen)
  • Quest – Designer and Contributer of TSLAN Party LOGO
  • Joe – CoOwner of Athens LAN Arena
  • Tony – Manager of Athens LAN Arena


  • Confirmed, But Not Paid

    • [BTF]DEMOn
    • [BTF]Jehar
    • RottenRose
    • DeadBeat
    • Quadz
    • [BTF] DrkKnight
    • [BTF]hieronymous
    • [BTF]JaxDefore
  • Interested, Not Yet Confirmed

    • [BTF]Gator
    • JQuestt[SIR]
    • Dukie
    • Fanny (is trying, may not make it)
    • Spike[SIR] (is trying, may not make it)

QuakeCon Attendees (for group seating at BYOC at QuakeCon)


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