Quake 2 Maps by Assflute

Quake 2 Maps by Assflute


Frag Hunting Grounds, By Assflute

fhdm1 (1)
This is just a map I made for the clan Frag hunters =FH=. A small rail arena.. Nothing fancy just a little 15 to 20 minute job… But it is rather fun to play in. The map is a high speed map, seeing as it goes to the side of progressing ramps instead of stairs. Makeing the jumps higher, and easyer to gain speed quickly. It is fairly long map, not to wide, yet not mishapen, makes for some good long shots, and some good rounding fights.

STYLE: Arena
ACTION: Constant with 2 or more players
SIZE: Very small

OVERALL FOR STYLE: 7 out of 10

The Edge 2000, By Assflute

This is a medium to large map.. supporting 5 to 10 players very well, much less then five makes you hunt for each frag. so i don’t recommend less then five. the name of the map is The Edge 2000, not because it is a rip off, but because the texturing is very much the same. and the basic layout is the same.. but it is rather fun, it didnt turn out as good as i was hopeing but its ok.. very sure its not the best map iv ever made though….
STYLE: Deathmatch
ACTION: Constant with 5 or more players
SIZE: Medium

OVERALL FOR STYLE: 5 out of 10

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