3dPalette: A place of maps, and other assorted stuff, by Ace12GA

3dPalette: A place of maps, and other assorted stuff, by Ace12GA


Date: January 31, 1998. 12:11PM Eastern

Long time, no update. What can I say, I have been busy. I am working on some new techniques to make some kick ass terrain, and for the most part they are the same to that guest tutorial that appeared on Rust a week or two ago. Using 3 sided brushes to make a triangular mesh. I can say its time consuming and easy to goof up, but does look quite nice when done right. I am working on my last Action Quake map ever. I had origionally planned to never do another Action Quake map after Cliff2, but something made me want to make another. I will post it here when I finally finish it. And finally I have to say something about the demise of Prax Wars; it is very sad to see such a quality looking game die, just because it missed its technology window.  I think EA has dropped the ball on this one, that to kill a project so close to complete was a big mistake. Look at Jedi Knight; it has technology that is just a bit better than Quake, and it shipped to compete with Quake 2, and because it was a good game, just by content, it did well. The same can be said of flight sims. Janes has been using the same old engine for a long time, but the games sell, and they sell well at that. Whats my point? I don’t really know, I just think that Prax Wars should not have died, not the way it did; never seen, and never appreciated.
Ace 12GA

Date: November 29, 1998. 9:34PM Eastern

Well I got it done after all. Here it is, Cliff for Half Life. So get it and have fun, its an excellent Death Match level for 10 people. Enjoy.
Ace 12GA

Date: November 29, 1998. 4:27PM Eastern

Action Half Life has been announced over on the Action Quake website, and to kick that off sorta, here is a look at the still very underconstruction next generation Mall. Pic1 Pic2. As you can see the lighting and stores are not done, and a lot of work has yet to go into it, but it is looking to shape as a very good 10 player level. I am also pretty much done my port of Cliff one over to Half Life, but I am being lazy and not going to release today like I wanted to. I only have to finish the item placemnet, which should get done real soon. Then I will final compile it and send it along for all you great people.
Ace 12GA

Date: November 21, 1998. 11:08AM Eastern

I got Half Life yesterday, and have started mapping with World Craft 2 (YUK, I really dislike this program, but it will take a while to adapt QERadient to Half Life) All I can say is its cool. My favorite part is the lighting, which is just fabulous. Heres two pics. Pic1 Pic2. These are from my first simple map ever made in World Craft (I really am no good with WC) but they show the fabulous lighting, notice the way they blend together, and cast shadows so nicely.
Ace 12GA

Date: November 7, 1998. 3:08PM Eastern

As a note I forgot to mention, I am going to start up a chain map with The Neverman, from the Never Hood. He an dI both map, and I think it will be interesting to see our styles mix. If anyone else has an interest to get in on it, then e-mail me, with ‘Chain Map’ as your subject.
Ace 12GA

Date: November 7, 1998. 10:34AM Eastern

Well as a sorta celebration thing I have decided to release the source (So to speak) for Mall1, one of the very first Action Quake maps. You can find it under the maps section.
Ace 12GA

Date: November 6, 1998. 7:02AM Eastern

Finally my web space has been made for me, and you people can see my barren website. It will grow I assure you, as time moves right along, it will grow. I am also considering expanding it past just maps, to also enxompass models and Half Life. Many of you may have seen my other web site called: Half Done. Well I may put the two sites together, I may not, we’ll see. Anyway, nose around, see if you can find anything usefull yet, probably not, but I’m working on it. :)
Ace 12GA

Date October 19, 1998. 2:09AM Eastern

Well its been well over a week, and I am posting news on this page, but its sorta pointless since Frag.com is being so slow to get my site up for me. :( Oh well, added the javascript, and a mod player :) You need the mod plug plugin, so get it to your left, I will try to put in a new mod up everyonce in a while.
Ace 12GA

Date: October 10, 1998. 12:50AM Eastern

Ah yes, my first news post on this virgin website. Well so much for virgin then….. Anyway away from sick stuff such as that. Welcome to my newest website in a building empire of website around the Quake/Quake2/Quake3 community. Some of you may be familiar with me from Action Quake, as one of the mappers; my maps including Mall1/2, and Cliff, tho Cliff 2 is soon to be. Enough of my shameless self promotion. I have been asked to do this website, and to contribute to the mapping section of the 3Dpalette, and I feel honored to be here, really. In the months to come you will find my unique style of maps here, some personal stuff I am sure, as well as anything else I may upload here. So keep coming back, especially if you like Action Quake, cause I guarentee my newest maps will be here first, and later on the map depot, only by a day or two tho. That really about covers it. The menu to your left is going to be under construction for a while, and for now will only contain text links; I will get some nice javascript rollovers going when I finalize my sections here. Until then, I am open to suggestions.
Ace 12GA


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