Telefragged: Quake Name Maker

Telefragged: Quake Name Maker

Quake Name Maker is a Win95 GUI for making names, animated names, and messages for Quake and Quake related games like Hexen2, Quake2.

Key Features
    QNM’s GUI displays the characters exactly as they appear in Quake. Even the animated name is displayed on a background from the game. There are even sounds that are played to give you the feeling of actually being in a bloddy deathmatch.
Easy To Use And Customize
    QNM provides mouse and keyboard support. And almost every aspect of QNM is customizable, including how the keyboard reacts. You can set your own keys! Other items you can customize are Colors, Cursors, Background for Previewer, Prompts, Sounds, and character sets.
Multiple Character Set Support
    QNM includes over 25 different character sets to choose from. So if you want to see what your name will look like in Hexen2, Quake, or Quake Rally, then choose it. I am always searching the web for new character sets, and when more become available all you have to do is download 1 file.
Automatic Animation
    QNM’s Animation Wizard takes all of the pain out of creating animated names. All you need to do is make 1 name, and the Animation Wizard allows you to choose from over 2 million possible combinations of animation effects. Select the Style, Colors, Case, and Build it! QNM does the rest.
Unique Export Bitmap
    This is a cool addition I added for making web art. The Export Bitmap Wizards allow you to make bitmaps of your name, animation, and messages. Convert them to gif or some other html supported graphic and you get web art. Check out some examples of Animated Gifs in the QNM Gallery, or take a peak at the QNM clans who used QNM to decorate their clan pages. Very cool!
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Operating System
At least 16bit color. QNM still works with less, but QNM’s graphics are 256 colors, and not the windows 256 color palette.
Run Time Files
QNM uses Visual Basic 5.0 Run Time Files.
Basically, if you can play Quake, you can use QNM.

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