LMCTF: Green Eggs and Clan

LMCTF: Green Eggs and Clan

Server on Hiatus
The GEC Butter Battle Private Server is taking a break. Citing “Unavoidable Circumstances”, [GEC]The Lorax declined to comment further.
Several clan members were reportedly attempting to ‘ping’ the missing machine long into the night, and one anonymous member was quoted as saying, “..but it washere… what are we going to do??! Where are we going to go??! This is my home…”
[GEC]Bombastic is apparently working on a solution at this time.

(thanks Bomb!)

Wednesday, January 17 2001! – Sam-I-Am
Insensitive Tizzy
[GEC]Tizzy felt he was too sensitive and made adjustments to correct this apparent deficiency this week. Comments following this development included [GEC]Jake’s“Aren’t you the man..”.
[GEC]Zizzer was in agreement.

Check out the BBS!

Sunday, December 24 2000 – The_Lorax
GEC has a Tizzy!
No, not a fit, a bird! Please welcome our friend Gerbil God to the clan as [GEC]Tizzy who is a bird from the book Scrambled Eggs Super . He’s recently returned from taking a break from gaming not that you’d know it from the way he plays.

Welcome to the clan, bud. :)

Sunday, December 24 2000 – Sam-I-Am
Boxing Day Bash
, has asked that a last-minute notice be posted regarding the First Annual GEC Boxing Day Bash. Unfortunately, he couldn’t be reached for any more information at press time. So if you’re interested and available (I’m guessing it’s on Boxing Day), please give our Turtle friend a shout!Yertle tells me that this is an open invitation; so drop in anytime during the day on the GEC Server and hopefully you’ll find a few Merry Old Souls having a little post-holiday fun!
Friday, December 22 2000 – Sam-I-Am
News?! What News?
, who is usually responsible for updating this news page, has been placed on temporary leave without pay for his blatant disregard to his duties. When asked why he hasn’t been updating the GEC Website, the News section in particular, he had this to say:

“News? Like in the Newspaper? I only read the comics section, and there hasn’t been anything newsworthy in there since they pulled Beetle Bailey… <laughs>… now that Beetle… <more laughs> … he and his crazy antics… That was something worth talking about…”

Psychological Counselling is anticipated [for Sam] in the new year.

Merry Christmas [GEC], and everyone else! Have a safe and happy holiday! See you in 2001!

Tuesday, November 14 2000 – Sam-I-Am
GEC has a SpAzZiM!
HEY! Who let the Spazz in?!
It doesn’t matter, because he’s here to stay; and just be thankful he’s on our side! 
Please welcome Docc, who has joined the GEC lineup as [GEC]Spazzim!!

–To avoid confusion, everyone should stop calling Yertle a ‘spaz‘. All other names are still acceptable. ;)

Saturday, October 21 2000 – Sam-I-Am
Rising Tensions, Prelude to Butter War?
…and that about covers the events in the Middle East;
Closer to home, tensions between the Butter-Up Society of the Yooks and the Butter-Down People of Zook have been heating up. Both groups seem to be experiencing internal power struggles. Witnesses from both sides confirm that these internal competitions are the first signs of the approaching showdown between theYooks and the Zooks.
Watch for some exciting action, as individual clans begin vying for the top position within their respective group.

ButterBattleTourney commencement one week from now!
Let Fly the Butter!

Sunday, October 15 2000
Who Thunk A Glunk?!
GEC did! :) We’d like to welcome our newest member, Chumley who has chosen to be [GEC]TheGlunk!Welcome to the madness Glunk!
Sunday, October 15 2000
Butter Skirmishes Increasing in Frequency, Full-Fledged Battle Appears Imminent
The Butter Battle 2000 had it’s first real meeting this Saturday night. Default server settings for the tournament have been decided, divisions have been formed and the tournament matches will start this week or next!Woo Hoo!
Sunday, October 8 2000
Yooks to battle Zooks in upcoming Butter Battle!
In an effort to have some fun while gaming, Green Eggs & Clan is hosting an invitational rocket arena 3 tournament! Details are on the Tournament page. The tournament is planned to start either this week or next.
Sunday, October 8 2000
That’s right, recently Bombastic Aghast & Jake the Pillow Snake suggested we purchase GreenEggsAndClan.com and after a little discussion, we DID!! ThenBombastic went so far as to volunteer to host the site for us! If you see him around, be sure to tell him thanks!Thanks Bombastic!!
Sunday, October 8 2000
GEC Is Aghast!
Recently we added yet another member! Fermat has joined our ranks as Bombastic Aghast! He is currently serving the role of web host for our new domain.Welcome to GEC!
Wednesday, September 13 2000
Does the Black Forest Need a Spokesperson?
Apparently [GEC]The Lorax has been sighted somewhere in… Germany?! That’s some recruiting drive! –“Er spricht f�r die B�ume”
 Wednesday, August 24 2000
The Moose is Loose!
Last night GEC welcomed Bahamut aboard as [GEC]Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose. Most members agreed that a Big-Hearted Moose is just what the clan needed to round out the RA3 team. Welcome aboard ya big lug!

Why A Butter Battle?

An excerpt from “The Butter Battle Book” by Dr. SeussOn the last day of summer,
ten hours before fall
my grandfather took me
out to the Wall.
For a while he stood silent.
Then finally he said,
with a very sad shake
of his very old head,
“As you know, on this side of the Wall
we are Yooks.
On the far other side of this Wall
live the Zooks.”
Then my grandfather said,
“It’s high time that you knew
of the terribly horrible thing that Zooks do.
In every Zook house and in every Zook town
every Zook eats his bread
with the butter side down!
But we Yooks, as you know,
when we breakfast or sup,
spread our bread,’ Grandpa said,
“with the butter side up.
That’s the right honest way!”
Grandpa gritted his teeth.
“So you can’t trust a Zook who spreads bread underneath!
Every Zook must be watched!
He has kinks in his soul!
That’s why, as a youth, I made watching my goal,
watching Zooks for the Zook-Watching Border Patrol!”

Thus it is obvious to me that the superior Yooks must do what we can to defeat the Zooks. With the battle lines drawn and the sides all laid out both sides must do battle to find champions with clout. Once the Yooks and the Zooks have both found their best, their skills in the arena will be put to the test. Then both sides will watch with hearts all aflutter to find out which side of the bread we should butter!

Tournament Format

We will have 16 clans comprising 2 divisions, the Yooks and the Zooks. The divisions will play one match a week in a round robin format for 7 weeks to establish standings. Then we will have playoffs in both divisions followed by a championship between the Yooks and the Zooks.

Participating Clans

Clan Pot [POT]
Cowboyz From H3ll [CFH]
Esoteric [e]
Xtreme Explosiveness XE|
Green Eggs & Clan [GEC]
infamous [i]
Lords of Darkness LoD
Population Control Inc =PCI=
Porno Finish pF.
Quit Crying And Die! =QCAD=
Team Syndicate -sYn-
Totally Hard Core [THC]
Trinity UDA =T=
Walking Apocalypse {WA}
X-treme Detriment [X-D]
Have suggestions? Mail them to The Lorax
or post them on our BBS


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