Gamer’s Spot Interviews Levelord

Gamer’s Spot Interviews Levelord

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Name: Richard Bailey Gray
Nick: Levelord
DOB: November 15, 1957
From: New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Works For: Ritual Entertainment
CLAN: AMMO (aka “beerfuk” the mascot)


  • How did you come up with your nick? –
    It found me ;)
  • How long have you been playing Quake? –
    Not until August 12, 1996 when we started the add-on pack. Before that, I was been working on Duke Nukem too intensely to play anything else.
  • Have you played Quake2 yet? –
    I haven’t had the pleasure yet. I’ve seen glimpses of it over Paradox’s shoulder, and it looked very cool. We seem to get so busy with whatever game we’re working on, that “playing” other games never seems possible ;(
  • What other games do you like to play? –
    When, …IF I get the time, I usually enjoy war simulations, especially flight sims.
  • What is your most memorable Quake experience? –
    I guess mine would be professional contexted. I remember running through the episodes and taking quick stabs at editing my own Quake level. Level designing in 3D, as opposed to the synthetic 3D of Duke, is very different. I remember feeling very alienated and particularly frustrated as I had a lot of old habits to undo. Every time I play Quake since then, original Quake that is, I get a flashback of that grand unfamiliarity.
  • What do you do besides play Quake? –
    I make levels. Sometimes, I’ll make levels. On the weekends, I make levels. I’m due for a vacation soon… …I hope to get some time to myself so I can make levels.
  • What is your favorite Quake-related website (besides The Pic Page, of course)? –
    Is there ANY website other than The Sugar Shack?
  • What is your favorite weapon to use for… –Doom:  Definately the chaingun.
    Quake:  Rocket launcher.
    Quake2:  (Not played yet, sorry, call me next year!)
  • What Quake player do you most admire and why? –
    Thresh… …he’s got a fricken car that costs the same as a good house and for only playing a game! …That bastard!
  • Finish the sentence: If I was to say one thing about myself, it would be…
    “…I have a very hard time saying only one thing about myself.


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