Thinking Outside the Box: The All Pic Issue by Paul Steed

Thinking Outside the Box: The All Pic Issue by Paul Steed

Screen shot 2017-09-19 at 5.01.02 AM

Anything I say comes from me and represents my personal opinions, views and subtle plans for influencing society. Read, ruminate over and remember at your own risk. If I teach you something and it helps, teach someone else.

ell, I had planned on doing something educational this time out since I dissed you last time. Alas, I�m copping the Q3 plea again. But rather than give a completely empty-handed �thank you� for clicking on this here area of LG I give you�PIKTURES! WhoooHooo!

I want to give you an idea of the kind of environment I have to endure amongst the legends here at id (John, Kev, and Adrian) when I hammer some instruction out to you students of the verti-sea. To start with, here�s the door you walk through to get to the goods�the dwarves smithy where magical stuff is being pounded out on an hourly basis�

For ambient background music on our little sojourn, hum the �Mr. Roger�s Neighborhood� tune. Okay?

Screen shot 2017-09-19 at 5.02.21 AM.png

Screen shot 2017-09-19 at 5.02.48 AM.png

Let’s go in the Steed office and see what we can find. Here’s the work space where I make those whacky models and read and compose those delightful e-mails and posts…

Look at the other side of my desk…

…here’s where I view dreadful demo reels and scan naked pictures from nudie magazines (oops, don’t tell mom and dad about that one, now!)

Looking over in the corner and we find something Cool!

Like My big tree? I carried it myself from the furniture store next door. I also have a really bitchin’ stereo with extra bass to thump the walls of even Club Antkow next door! Look at the other side of my desk…

…A big comfortable couch when I’m too tired or too drunk to drive home (it’s REEEAAALLLYY comfortable boys and girls…) To the right of the couch we have some really cool posters by Alex Ross and Steven Hanks…

And here’s my chess set that holds up the toughest little plant on the six floor (coz I don’t water it until it’s about dead…)

Screen shot 2017-09-19 at 5.05.22 AMScreen shot 2017-09-19 at 5.05.40 AMScreen shot 2017-09-19 at 5.05.55 AM

And Oh, LOOK! It’s Carmack! John Carmack! WoooHooo!

So that’s it for the tour today, kiddies. Come back next time and I won’t give my fellow workers a reason to run in terror at the sight of me with a digital camera in my hand, and possibly impart something useful to you!


– Paul Steed is a 3D artist for id Software. He’s currently hard at work onQuake 3: Arena.

Credits: Thinking Outside the Box logo illustrated and is © 1999 Dan Zalkus. Thinking Outside the Box is © 1999 Paul Steed. All other content is © 1999 loonyboi productions. Unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited, so don’t even try it. We’ve got really big guns, and we’re ripped, baby.


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