Stoogeville Clan (Went on to host popular Quake 2 CTF server)

Stoogeville Clan (Went on to host popular Quake 2 CTF server)

Im the head of the Clan, I’ll slap, tweak, bang, and slam every oriface in anybody to keep it that way.

Also, I rarely lose. Im not sure if it’s because Im any good, for Im on a full T3 so I might have a little bit of a speed advantage. So of your on a piddly 28.8, DooM on you.

I’m also an avid keyboard player and hope to one day unite the keyboard on players and start a march to Washinston DC for recognition. You can currently catch me playing on either,, or


Nothin yet you!

Nothin’ yet

I am Blake. I write HTML. I speak German.

Critical specs on

Site Name (
Geographical Location Lisle, IL (a suburb of Chicago)
Processor 120 MHz Pentium
Operating System WindowsNT 4.0 Service Pack 2
Connection Full 45MegaBit T3 with Dual T-1 Back-up! (w00 w00!)
Software WinQuake 1.00 running CTF 3.5
Modifications no grappling hook
Host Clan Clan Stoogeville

The Stoogeville server pumps on all eight cylinders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Stop in most any time and a you’re likely to find yourself in the midst of a decent Capture the Flag match. Keep an eye out for all the Stooge clan people, anyone with a _STOOGE is one of us.

We plan to switch over to being a Capture the Flag 4.0 server shortly after its release. Check for info on where to get the CTF 4.0 client software.

Also on the drawing board is a switch to a QuakeWorld server. QuakeWorld is a modified version of the Quake executable fine tuned for internet play. Before (and if) this change is made plenty of advance warning and help will be available right here on

No grapple? Want to know why? Keep reading!

All right you yamheads, I’m here to explain the whole NO GRAPPLE thing.

First of all, this is Stoogeville, and there is no hook, you don’t like it, go play elsewhere, Theres enough Quake servers around so that we can all be happy killing people, with or without a hook.

Enough people have questioned the reasoning behind Moe’s choice for no grapple so I will try to explain here.

Now heres why Moe doesn’t like the hook, so listen up pineapple heads.


  • The Hook is somewhat of a cheat. Especially for low pingers (like myself). If you don’t already know this, if you grab something with your hook, and as your being pulled “jump” you’ll move twice as fast as you normally would. When me and Curly would do this on our network, we would literally fly around so fast nobody knew what was going on. I feel that this is an unnecessary advantage to both the people that know of this jump trick and for people that have high speed Inet access.
  • Moe hates Grapple Hags, yes, it’s a matter of opinion, but I’m sick of the people that grapple willy nilly until they grab you, then they stick on you and even fire weapons at the same time. Yes, Moe has a binded key that instantly switches to a close range weapon and more often then not kills the Grapple Hags, but it’s just too damn annoying. Many would agree with me.
  • No grapple makes for a much more challenging game. Without the grapple, I feel CTF is more of a challenge for navigation. No longer can you grapple anywhere, now you have to actually know where to go in order to get the high ground or anywhere else where a grapple would simply work for you. Now you can set up more effective offense/defense since players can’t grapple anywhere they want. Also, no grapple is much more fun when your playing the larger levels (CTF 4.0) and you grab an enemy flag and have to run a l-o-n-g way. Its much more of a challenge knowing that you cant do the ol’grapple jump trick and take off, now you have people chasing you at the same speed firing at the same time.
  • Quake never had a grapple, It was never meant to be.

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