Ancient Warriors Clan Creed

Our Clans Creed

1 ) Play to win, but don’t cheat. Show no mercy. A frag is a frag is a frag… unless you are cheating, then a frag is dishonorable. This means no bots, no speed hacks, etc.

2 ) When you see an Ancient Warrior in a free for all room, practice team play. We are a team clan.

3 ) Show all members respect. Whether they be leader, or new recruit, treat them as family. Joking around is fun, but be sure you are not injuring someone’s feelings.

4 ) Profanity will be kept to a minimum. Sometimes swearing gets your point across, sometimes it only serves to enrage people. Repeated and untasteful swearing will not be tolerated.

5 ) Treat opponents with respect. Our reputation will grow quickly if we are known for our sportsmanship. Talking trash is not good for our reputation. Don’t be a sore loser, nor should you be an arrogant winner.  There are times when one must defend against attacks by trash talkers, but try not to sink to there level. Use intelligence instead of vulgarity.

6 ) Only designated recruiters may recruit. If someone asks to join, give them the website url, and the appropriate recruiters screen name. The recruiter will then decide whether we need this person, and bring the potential recruit before the leaders.

7 ) Use the clan skins. There will be more and more to chose from as time goes on,  wear the clan skins so that Ancient Warriors will recognize you. Do not give the clan skins to anyone who is not a member.

8 ) Do not give out clan passwords.

9 ) Your AW name will not be changed without permission from the AW leaders. This prevents confusion, and buddy list problems. Choose your name carefully. Your name will begin with capital AW, followed by a space, then your name.. As in: AW Trespasser

10 ) When a member is first recruited, they will receive the mplayer password only, not the password to the members site, where skins and other files can be downloaded.
After 1 week, the recruit will earn the first set of AW skins. After the second week the second skin will be earned as well as access to the clan forum, and after the third week, the recruit will be given full membership status, the password to the members only site, and the final set of skins. This should help prevent those people who join just for the files from joining.

11 ) One Q2 clan at a time please.  Members found using another clan tag will be dishonorably discharged.

12 ) No fighting amongst AW members. If there is a problem, please allow the leaders to moderate it.

13 ) This is the most important rule.   HAVE FUN!

14 ) All clan members must use the salute bind.  This will increase our recognition.

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