EA Railers Guide

****** EA Railers Guide******

By EA.Kaotic & [sAn]sTaLkEr


Movement when using the RailGun.

Ok. When it comes to movement when in a Rail duel, some people just make mistakes that COST. Even the KINGS make mistakes that I pick up on instantly J

Strafe and Confuse.

The best way to confuse an opponent is by moving (strafing) left and right constantly.

I dont mean move left for 5 metres then right for 5 metres. I mean strafe left about 2 m and then right about 1m, then left 1m then right 3m.

Mix the strafing up, dont make the strafes to long.

When strafing like this, it is surprisingly hard to hit them (or u).

Remember: mix the strafing up while moving around the arena.

Jumping dodge

This is a cool trick that will get your opponent to miss you.

When doing the varied strafing (as in Strafe and Confuse), make 1 larger strafe to tempt your opponent to do the TRIPWIRE (explained later) tactic on you.

Now this is the difficult part. All based on prediction.

When u think you have tempted him to fire, jump, if the opponent is a person who fires at every little slight chance of hitting you, then this can easily be predicted.

WARNING: In my opinion (if youre going to take notice of this guide) is to never, jump.

There is no need. I have played people who seem to have their finger jammed on the jump button. See the rail to jumper section to see why.


Shooting with the RailGun

Movement and Railing comes later.

Ok. Now explaining this in words is a very difficult task.

So dont take the P*SS if I mess it up J .

  • Right…. First off it all depends on your ping size.Mine is about 200 so Ill explain how I shoot.

If a person is strafing left, you aim about ½ cm in front of the opponent.

With a ping of 300, which I have had on a fair few servers it goes up to about ¾ cm in front of the opponent.

If an opponent is standing still aim STRAIGHT at HIM/HER J

Movement and Railing.

The above shooting is all very well but most of the shooting actually comes with the movement.

If your opponent is strafing left, start strafing left with him and aim about ½ cm in front (all depending on ping size). Same when moving right.

Another easier tactic which i have picked up (This is NEEDED to defeat a strafing opponent) is : when an opponent is strafing left, keep your target in a centred position while strafing in the opposite direction. Shoot him at the cross over, when he crosses your target sight.

This is called the TRIPWIRE tactic.

Another way to defeat a strafing opponent is to pick a point near to where he is doing the annoying varied strafing, keep your target on that position while strafing your self.

Now if he crosses that position which your aiming at let a Slug/Rail rip. this should sort the annoying C*NT out.


I learnt this tactic from EA.Kaotic, when I got drilled a fair few times from his rail :
If an opponent is strafing from a small distance away, jump straight at them (Kamikaze tactic – according to Kaotic) and Rail them good and proper, making sure they dont get back up. J

WARNING : Be carefull when trying this tactic on LPBs as if theyre good players they have a distinct advantage up close. You can use this tactic, as they wont expect it. Just make sure you get away quick afterwards.

Kaotic recommends either running very quickly or jumping over their heads and quickly changing weapon to the RL and Rjumping away. If youre good you can often hurt them even more by rocket jumping near them so the blast radius from your rocket catches them. If you hit them with your rail this can often finish them off.

Rail to Jumper 

Now you will see why you should never JUMP….

If an opponent Jumps the slightest bit aim for where you think he will land (predicted this position) then shoot when he is just about to land (in Ches rail guide it said shoot when the opponent reaches his highest point, but I think thats a bit too soon)

  • This can work with peeps that always jump or peeps that jump now and then.

This is such a GOOD tactic, I actually sometimes wait (while strafing and dodging) until the opponent jumps :)

And this is all thanks to the 3.17 patch which took care of the annoying air physics, which are still in Q1 L


I only ever jump when I think it is really necessary. In the force TRIPWIRE tactic and when in smaller areas when railing.

To also defeat an opponent who either is jumping down from a high point or falling.

If they are good enough LPBs have the luxury of being able to hit people onn the fly through the AIR, which I have found out playing the clan of LPBs KING L

But us mortals with MODEMS have to stick the tactic of hitting the opponent when they hit the ground. When the opponent hits the ground they have little control of movement, this is his most vulnerable time to kill an opponent.


Stand and JUMP tactic.

This is the move that confuses HPBs and LPBs.

I got this tactic while playing on Barrys RA2 against ++Bison++.

Now to be honest I havent got the hang of this because I never use it and could mess up resulting in a pool of blood where u just stood J

This is actually surprisingly difficult to hit a person when he is doing this.

What you do is stand still (doesnt sound good already J ) and when you think your opponent will fire, jump up or in a direction he would not expect. When youre in the AIR fire at your opponent.

This drove me nuts because i really could not hit him. At the end of that game he won. However I sorted him out good and proper after I had figured out how to kill the annoying little b*stard. You should use Kaotics Kamikaze tactic as this confuses the hell out of most players J

They dont expect you to jump right at them.


  • Playing an LPB

It is completely possible to beat an LPB with the Railgun. You have just got to play better than them. If the opponent is just as good as you, then you stand very little chance of winning. But there is always a chance.

I (kaotic) for an example have railed many of the KINGs quite a few times, yes even b0se.

If you use the above tactics you stand a much better chance of beating them than you would if you didnt use them.


  • Strafe all over the place, as randomly as possible. Be careful though, as it is easy to think that you are strafing randomly, when you have in fact settled into a pattern. Its hard not to. All players have their favourite routes around a map etc. Dont fall into this trap, as if you do and the other person is on the ball they will get you.
  • Aim for the chest. Unless you are confident that the other person is crap, the chest is the biggest area to aim at. This also allows for them jumping or crouching (god forbidI h8 crouchers).
  • A good tactic to get a decent rail shot in is to fire rockets either side of the opponent, and while theyre trying to figure out how to dodge them, you can get a free shot with the railgun.
  • Try to get out of the opponents site, but dont, whatever you do, lose them. If you know the map well, you can guess relatively accurately where the opponent is going to be and go.
  • When you know they are behind a wall and you think theyre going to stick their ugly little head round the corner, dont aim right next to the wall, because the chances are that theyll either jump or run out. So aim where you think theyd land if they jumped out, this also works if they run. That way you get the necessary reaction time before shooting. Try to strafe in the opposite direction to the way they come out, as this increases the amount of movement required by that person to get his targets on you, therefore increasing the chances of him missing. Also dont stand in the middle of the gap as most people will shoot blindly there as they run/jump out.
  • Get behind them as much as possible. If they cant see you people tend to slow down, dont ask me why, it seems stupid, but its true (dont do this yourself). This allows you to take more time when aiming, increasing your hit rate.
  • When in an open space together, keep your enemy as close to the centre of the screen as possible minimising the movement required to hit them.
  • Take time over your aiming, only a fool would hold his finger on the shoot button and expect to hit the target consistently. Instead its far better to aim up well and let rip, you’ll find that you have a far better hit to miss ratio :)


  • Turn your back on them. (No details required here)
  • Lose them in the map, they could appear behind you, or you get railed before you even catch sight of them again.
  • Get and stay close. LPBs have a big advantage up close. Keep your distance if you want to stay alive.
  • Moan about their ping advantage. Just kill them if you want to make a point.
  • Cheer and laugh and scream abuse when you kill them. Just smile :)
  • Ignore the advice in this railing guide.


EA.Kaotic & [sAn]sTaLkEr


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