What is Quartography and what is a Chain Map?

What is Quartography and what is a Chain Map?

Quartography (kwar’tah’gra’fee): the labor of a Quake artist (see Quartist) who spends his liveliness on the intricacies of map design for the Quake2 epic [from Latin cartographer].

Chain Map (chayne map): a map file transferred from one Quartographer to the next, each adding a room of his personal architectural design and textural choices which will culminate into one ultimate map.

Quite simply, Quartography is the art of level design for Quake 2. Chain maps, on the other hand, are a concept almost as old as id itself. It began with Doom and became a great success. With the development of Quake, the idea was put on the back burner since many Quakers became more fascinated with the many Quake conversions that were strewn about the web. However, now that the idea of mods may not be as novel as it used to be, the concept of a Chain Map has been revived for Quake 2.

The Ultimate Chain Map idea involves a Quake 2 map which is passed around to various Quartographers. Each holder of the map adds a room of his choice and can use his own architectural style and textural slants in his development process. Even the most novice Quartographer can participate in this concept and can learn more about Quartography in the process from others.

There are five different Chain Maps that will be organized through this web site:

The first is the Single Player Ultimate Chain Map which involves a more linear flow for the design of the map since the player must begin at the starting point and make his way to the exit of the level.

The second is the Death Match Ultimate Chain Map which encourages a non-linear design since players are running about in every which way with the sole intent of gibbing anything that comes near them — completing a mission is not the objective here, but killing is! :)
The third is the CTF Ultimate Chain Map which follows the tradition of the Chain Map ideology but is constructed with the sole intention of quality CTF play.

The fourth is the Expert Ultimate Chain Map which will be reserved for Quartographers that have exceptional talent in the way of level designing. The hope is to also pass the map file onto professional level designers like some of the employees, and former employees, at id and ION.

This chain, the Gore Ultimate Chain Map is solely intended as a show case piece. An opportunity for people to exploit the possibilities of the Quake2 engines all entities. The goal is to make a map/linked maps which will show us the Stroggs torture and liquidation center.

I hope you enjoy participating in this endeavor and learn a lot about Q2 Quartography! If you have any questions or comments please send them in!



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