If Dr Seuss Wrote Quake News

If Dr Seuss Wrote Quake News

Thanks for coming to my page.
Your visit means a higher wage
For me and those who give me ads.
This proves that I am not a fad!!

We hear Quake 2 is due November.
Or could it really be December?
For Santa needs the game to take.
Great Christmas presents it will make.

A cool LAN party will be held
In the City with the Bell.
It will be yet another test.
To see who is the very best.

Ten more sites made a move.
What is a webmaster to do?
They need the pub, they need the hits.
Don’t like it? They don’t give a @%&#.

Here’s a screenshot of a game.
You saw it elsewhere? I’m not to blame.
I put it up here just last night.
You must admit it’s still a sight.

Another TC nixed by Fox.
They put it in their very own box.
Changed the name and it was nice.
$50 the asking price.

A hundred .plans for your review.
What else to post? What else to do?
Not quite enough new news to say.
No one reads this stuff anyway.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a
necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life
through the wrong end of a telescope which is what I do, and that enables
you to laugh at life’s realitites.”
-Dr. Seuss

By Mark “Figin” Housler


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