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August 16th 2003: ra2faces.com purchased!!!

Thats right negotiations are over! ra2faces.com has been bought by quake2arena! Along with several other quake related URL’s

August 12th 2003; A quick overview of this site

The first thing you may notice is the URL is not correct. The name server will be switched early tomorrow morning. The true URL from then on will be www.quake2arena.com  currently it points to a PPC search engine. But not for long, the domain has already been purchased now its just a matter of name server pointing.

Of course by the name you already know what the site is about, preserving quake II rocket arena. At first it was going to encompass all forms of quake but that would be a project on far to wide a scale for right now. There is however a quakearenas.com site in the works for quake III but this site will take top billing over it for now. The site will expand as needed and hopefully grow and develop its own following.

For starters I am offering every single RA2 player out there his or her own little slice of this site. Each and every single RA2 player can have a bio page here with their own links, and picture and @quake2arena.com email. For now I will do it manually until all the behind the scenes work is done to automate it. So get over to the Faces of Quake section to find out more details and feel free to start the ball rolling!

The files section needs no explanation but so its clear I will provide a short one (I’m good like that)  Every file I can find relating to quake II rocket arena will find its way to this section, including any custom sound, crosshair or custom HUD paks I have or that anyway cares to donate for the world of RA players to access.

Links, again sot of says it all but here I go again. I will start the page off with the basics, but your content is 100% welcome, again the more there to serve all the RA world the better. All links related to the game are welcome, from info sites to clan sites to your own site if you have one. Lets face it we are the force keeping this game alive and kicking, even if we curse each other out when trading frags!

Contact page, yeah yeah I know you know but feel free to drop a line and all that good stuff.

Ok now for the big boy! The In-House RA Ladder. The PHP and SQL have to be inserted to get this going and the new web server is being built next week so it won’t be long before this is up and going. The ladder will support 1vs1,2vs2 and 4vs4 formats and automatically log results put in by the players. The page so far only contains an email link so that you can be notified when the ladder hits the stage.

Well for now thats it. I will be updating this new section as needed but at least on a monthly basis, until it requires me to do more, also the news will be automated soon, and I am hoping to allow for players to update their own bio pages also, should be a hoot :)


Listed by Clan:

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Here’s the link back if you want to exploring: https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.ra2faces.com:80/*


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