Thunderwalker 2 Small maps

Thunderwalker 2 was a CTF mod from some of the same guys (Team 3 and D Team) that worked on the Allstar 2 map pack.

We have some of the TW2 maps on the server already:  Warhouses by Hafhead (the screenshot is from Warhouses: how about that sunset!), The Swivel Frit, The Cataclysm, Lords of the Ring.  These are big maps!

There were also 4 “small” Thunderwalker 2 levels.

Here is link to download the .pak containing these levels (named tw2small1-4.bsp):

tw2small1 – The Enemy Within by Geezer of Dteam (early version of Counterparts)

tw2small2 – Fascination Street by Panda o’ Fire

tw2small3 – Deja Vu Refinery by TomaKazi of Dteam

tw2small4 – Gadianton – Remake by dolomite of Dteam

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