The Lost and Found Maremma – old school Italian #q2ctf map remix by Beaver

Beaver has compiled a new and improved Lost Maremma by Nemo.

This small Quake 2 CTF map was made by Italian gamer  Francesco Bancala in 1998 now perfected for fast paced instagib flag action in 2017. Check q2servers for our nightly railwarz games and come request the Lost and Found Maremma. 🔥🔥🔥​​

Here’s the original notes from Nemo…


MOD: Quake 2 – CTF ================================================================

Date: : August 11, 1998

Title : The lost Maremma

Filename :

Author : Francesco ‘Nemo’ Bancala’

Email Address :

Description : Small but fast paced CTF map, good for up to 10 players

Credits : John Carmack and Id Software for this kick-ass game Thanx to Paolo ‘EarthBre@ker’ Petrini, the webmaster at GIB Stop by and post your comment on the public forum

Finally, a huge thanx to my testers -> Fech, G3no and Escher <- who gave me lots of useful suggestions. ================================================================

** Play Info ** This map was made for being played with either CTF or LMCTF* so you need either CTF 1.02 or LMTE 4.0 in order to run it.

BTW, if loading this map you get a “wrong number…should be 38” error it means you’re trying to run it on quake1……if that’s the case please read this doc again…you’ll find a useful clue at the top of this .txt file. If the problem persistes, please do NOT mail me about.

** Construction ** Base : From scratch Time : 5 days + testing Editor used : QeRadiant b0.77 Known Bugs : None that i know of, in case you find one please mail me.

Known Tricks : You don’t need to hook the mountain for coming out of the water, just look up and move forward (and quit pressing the “jump” key).

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