The MicroNuke

The MicroNuke
The second main addition to gameplay is the MicroNuke. To use the MicroNuke you need a key bound to “micronuke” and the ammo for it (200 power cells and 20 uranium slugs). If you use the micronuke command when you do not have all the ammo you need, you will be told how much and what type of ammo you are lacking. After you drop a MicroNuke, you have 10 seconds to get out of range. The MicroNuke kills anything within a blast radius of 750 units and a line of sight radius of 2000 units. A range indicator has been added to the HUD (Heads-Up Display) as well as a danger icon which only appears when you are within the 750 unit blast radius. One of the main uses of the MicroNuke is not to kill people, but to get people out of their base when they get dug in like an Alabama tick. All lasermines within 750 units of the nuke are detonated. #micronuke #retronuke #retrogaming #lasermine #blaster

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