Quake II Magazine Archive: Off-Topic — Star Wars

"The Death Star threatens to crush the rebellion forever. Darth Vader holds Princess Leia captive. Only you Luke Skywalker, leader of the last band of rebels for good, can stop them. With Han Solo and Obi Wan Kenobi on your side and the Millennium Falcon as your ride, you have the Force to win. Better take off now."

Star Wars Quake 2: The Call of the Force — Screenshots

"Development of Call of the Force began several years ago. The project was envisioned and led by Matt 'Red Knight' Stevens, and started life as a modification for the original Quake. At this time, Call of the Force is being developed by a cabal of independent programmers and artists, some from the original Quake mod team. The developers, while physically located all over the world, are united by a single vision of creating a compelling game set in the Star Wars universe; interactive fan fiction of the highest calibre."