The Threshold: Can We All Just Get Along? by Dennis Thresh Fong

"The bottom line is that we need hard and fast, unalterable rules for games like Quake in order to ensure that the playing field remains level."

PC Zone 59, January 1998: Quake II Review, by David McCandless

This review needs no introduction. So says David McCandless. This is not going to be a review in the traditional sense. You can gen up on the plot when you buy the game. You can see that Quake II looks marvelous, wondrous and realistic from the screenshots, and if you've played the Q2Test, you already know what Quake II feels like to play. It feels scary. It feels like it really is you versus hordes of "them." One false move and you will die, be you pale-faced newbie or designer-stubbled veteran.

GameStats Joystick Extravaganza

Welcome To The Gamestats Joystick Extravaganza! Gamestats is very proud to present the gaming community with ten of the most thorough joystick reviews that you are likely to find in one place anywhere on the net. We have spent a very large number of hours testing and re-testing some of the most popular products from …

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