Chaos Quake 2 Mod — Chaotic Maps, by Ilya Mikhajlov

"Quite a few years have passed when maps were made for the network component of Quake 2 Chaos. It seems that everything, the game is hopelessly outdated, but no - even now, during the break of working days, it is possible to get a portion of the crazy adrenaline in the slaughterhouse under the modification for the legendary game — Chaos. The OpenGL engine, new textures, a crazy arsenal of weapons and fun bots give the game a chance to run to this day. Well, if there are like-minded Old Believers for a network game … In this blog, over time... screenshots and descriptions of all the material that has seen the light here will also be presented."

Quaddicted: Quake Expo 2011 — Berserker@Quake2, Heavily Modified idTech2 Engine, by Borodulin Serge

"Berserker@Quake2 is the heavily modified idTech2 engine, based on quake2-3.21 source code. OpenGL renderer uses the classic forward rendering technology. Main feature is per-pixel lighting (PPL) and real-time shadowing using stencil shadow volumes. Lights/Shadows processing based on Tenebrae source code."

Tekno Magazine: ICQ, CoolTalk, IRC, Quake, and Party Remedy, 1997

"Quake — alle kriker og kroker! Tidlig en onsdag morgen sitter hundrevis av forventningsfulle pasketurister i et lass av datautstyr, klar til a innta Hamar og Vikingskipet. Endelose rekker med bord, og kilometer med kabler venter over 3000 besokende som har forlatt familie og fjell til fordel for Norges ultimate nordesammenkomst."