Quake II Magazine Archive: Off-Topic ⁠— Duke Nukem 3D

"Last year, Duke Nukem defended Earth from an alien invasion and in the process gave us one of the PC's most enjoyable 3D action games. Now he's back, powered by the Quake engine and defending America's cultural capital ⁠— Las Vegas ⁠— from a second swarm of interstellar scumbugs. Hang onto your hats and turn the page for your first-ever look at Duke Nukem Forever."

Quake II Magazine Archive: Off-Topic ⁠— Diablo

"In a quest for vengeance, players assume the role of warrior, rogue or sorcerer and descend into the expansive labyrinth hidden beneath their village. As players venture deeper into the catacombs, they discover weapons, armor, and magical treasures ⁠— all of which develop their character's skills and abilities. With every new weapon or spell, players build a more powerful arsenal for their final attack on Diablo."