Thompp Nation: Quake 2 Zone — Quekken mod, by Pete Thompson

"Quekken is a Quake II take on the playstation favourite, Tekken. Gameplay is one on one combat, either against the Quake II monsters in single player or co-op mode, or against other network players in multi-player mode. Each level is decided by the winner of 3 60-second bouts, the winner progressing to the next level. As you progress levels, you gain more powers but, in single player mode, your opponents get equally difficult. If you reach level 10, you can spawn your own flyer to help you win this last level, until you become....the Quekken! Remember.... Only One Can Become QUEKKEN!" — The Secret of Farcron, by Twisted Matrix

"Besides all this internal stuff, we have been giving SOF a serious overhaul. Almost all the monsters and weapons have been redone, we've storyboarded the .cins, sfx work and modeling is underway (and kicking ass I might add), and it looks as if I may finally get to start on textures one of these days. Overall, things are looking better than ever. It's true that q2 set us back a lot more than we expected; but what didn't kill us made us stronger, and SOF looks to be better than we had ever imagined. Thanks for sticking with us--we hope to impress you with our efforts." — QueToo Development Screen Shots, by Jay Dolan

"How to deal with a cheating spouse... A Quake2World Guide... more time to fondle your baby railgun... no longer do you have to share your computer with an e-tard... It is always important to remember in these situations that murder is illegal unless its in a videogame or you have a shitload of money. Which you don't because you still play Quake 2. However if you feel the need to fuck shit up..."

PlanetQuake: Quake 2 Mod — Night Hunters, by Alex BatMax Burger and Dug BatCat Rodger

"This place seems familiar but you can't tell. There is no light except for the sky and the glow of ammo, and medi packs dropped from the supply drone ships. You turn on your personal light, it works but it seems to be buzzing, maybe it got damaged in the drop. Looking around, you try to find a safe place... Suddenly, your fellow Marine's light goes out but not before you see his body reduced to steaming giblets. You crouch... it is pitch black... a sound from above... a slight breeze across your face... a glimpse of something moving over head... Welcome to Night Hunters."