Thompp Nation: Interview with Team Rocket leader Pete Thompson

"Pete: I started mapping for q2 initially. I bought death match maker from a local shop and had a play with it and created a few maps . Then I thought about coding... I downloaded the compiler and the source and had a look at the source, which is just C. Initially I started with small chnages, but then experimented with more ambitious ideas. then on to q3..."

Thompp Nation: Quake 2 Zone — Quekken mod, by Pete Thompson

"Quekken is a Quake II take on the playstation favourite, Tekken. Gameplay is one on one combat, either against the Quake II monsters in single player or co-op mode, or against other network players in multi-player mode. Each level is decided by the winner of 3 60-second bouts, the winner progressing to the next level. As you progress levels, you gain more powers but, in single player mode, your opponents get equally difficult. If you reach level 10, you can spawn your own flyer to help you win this last level, until you become....the Quekken! Remember.... Only One Can Become QUEKKEN!"