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"Welcome to the arcade. It ain't America. It ain't even Earth. Once you step through those doors, you enter a dimension of electronic fantasy - a virtual reality rocked by flashing lights, digital beeps, computer voices and humanoid trash talk. If you're an alien or a parent or something, you probably think that these dens of electronic inquiry are LAWLESS, DANGEROUS PLACES. But we know better. The arcade is a different world - but it does have rules."

TECHZONE: Net gamers in league of their own, by Kenneth Li — New York Daily News, Sunday, December 14, 1997

"Don't play games with Bridget Fitzgerald. By day, Fitzgerald, 20, a mild-mannered pixie-looking student in baggy overalls, suffers for upwards of 13 hours strapped to a viola as a freshman at the Big Apple's world-renowned Juilliard School of Music... Fitzgerald — known online as Tonka — whispers, almost inaudibly: 'Who can I kill today?' That's her only warning to the soon-to-be smoking carcasses dumb enough to cross her path on the Net in the game Quake."

PC POWERPLAY 27, August 1998, Australia: Do-It-Yourself LAN Parties by Munley Leong

LAN (Local Area Network) parties can be fantastic experiences, but they can also be difficult to set up and run. Fear not though, Munly Leong will walk you through it. What is a LAN Party? A LAN (Local Area Network) party is basically a local network get together. A bunch of people bring over their computer somewhere, hook them all up, play network games and engage in other network-ish activities. Why a LAN party? No matter how much fun playing against the computer A I is, nothing beats the adrenaline rush from playing a live, thinking (usually) human being.

Jokey’s Future of Online Gaming

Jokey's Future of Online Gaming Some day, twenty or thirty years from now, our children and grandchildren will recall the days when their relatives began what was the future of online activity. Twenty or thirty years from now, people will look back to the beginning of online gaming, to the personalities involved and see what …

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