Quake II Magazine Archive: 1995

"As long as the potential to play games exist, games will be played. Just as the most functional elastic band becomes ammunition in the occasional office skirmish, after hours office computers cease to run Excel and Doom is booted up. The relationship between leisure and business computing is tight. The current boom of state-of-the-art games development enjoyed by PC owners is a direct consequence of the PC's widespread penetration into the home as a business machine. Gaming follows on the coattails of more sober applications."

America’s Elite: The leader, John Carmack — January 1998

"The toughest thing about John Carmack is picking which career highlight to call out — creating the 3D game genre, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake — any of these would suffice. A self-described 'technology idealist,' it's hard to engage him in conversation until you hit a hot spot — OpenGL versus D3D, for example. Through the success of the Quake licensing initiative, his work is actually more important to the industry now, with legions of 'next Carmacks' trying to equal his impact."