Nick Michaels: An Unforgettable Voice

A legendary broadcaster, who I have been listening to since I was in my first job, late night dishwasher at a fine dining club in Chicago, passed away this past weekend. Nick Michaels introduced me to a ton of music that I would never have heard otherwise, and with his contextualization and thoughtful approach and delivery, made that awesome classic rock sound even better. I have no doubt that the spirit lives on, in the Deep End.

Quantum Rage: Songs for Deathmatch

Quantum Rage: Songs for Deathmatch Quantum Rage is the first and only deathmatch music CD.  This audio CD is a collection of original, intense music designed expressly for listening while playing deathmatch, such as Quake II, Unreal, or any other action-packed video game.  Add some LIFE to your DEATHMATCH! 1.  Quantum Rage 2.  Gigadeth   …

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