Clan Ocrana Lanology: QNITE — Photos from the 48-hour LAN party, held in Berlin, July 19 – 20, 1997

"I just got nostalgic. I remember how we organized the Qnite'97. We had around 80-90 people camping in Berlin on the biggest Quake-Party at the time in Germany. We made props from the game, backed Q shaped buns and wrote network sniffer to display the live scores on a projector."

Quake Scene South Africa — LAN Parties and the First Quake 2 Wedding

The South African Quake scene in the early 2000's is broadly featured with a special focus on the Valentine's Day 2000 "first of its kind" Wedding on a GameZone Quake 2 server between BadBoyBubba and db_High. South Africa LANgames website is included in the archive, with many photos of South African Quake gamers who attended LAN parties in 2001 and 2002. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy the deep dive! -Donde

PCXL Magazine November 1998: Ping-Free Partying

PCXL Magazine November 1998: Ping-Free Partying Who Needs Online Gaming When You Can Lug Your Kit Around Town to Shout Abuse at Complete Strangers? Online Gaming is Dead. LAN Parties Are Where It's At. Now, why the hell would you go to all the trouble of unplugging your computer and monitor, putting them in the …

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