Quake II Magazine Archive: id Software — Doom Series

"Doom-induced Motion Sickness: Many people have been discussing Doom-induced motion sickness on the net since the game came out. There is no real cure for some except to stop playing (obviously out of the question!). Here are some helpful hints: Take breaks. Most people get sick after long periods. Playing on a plane, train, or in a car on a laptop will cause both you and the person sitting next to you to hurl. Get up slowly after playing. Turn your monitor off, sit for 5 minutes after playing and then get up. Change the screen size (using the plus and minus keys) from time to time. Try adjusting your distance from the monitor (usually further away is better). Try an alternate control. Most people find the mouse is the best way to control your speed. Destroy your computer, erase all copies of Doom in your possession and move to a desert island."

Cyber Demon and CyberDemon 2000: from Doom II to Quake II

Cyber Demon model by Deimos and Emporer Chew with your mouth closed! - That's one ugly SOB! "I slowly turn the corner of the great wall, then realizing how large this roof was. And how freaking tall this building was. Regaining my power from that last explosion, I stopped and listened for that sound I …

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