Quake II Magazine Archive: December 1997

"Te reta a jugar a QUAKE II — Donde? Cuando? Si quieres experimentar la sensacion de jugar en red local al mejor juego de rol en primera persona, y ademas enfrentarte a la Redaccion de OK PC Gamer, pasate por Cybergame. Si eres uno de los 3 mejores jugadores y traes un ejemplar de OK PC Gamer, conseguiras un juego Quake II por gentileza de Proein. Donde? Sta. Feliciana 14, (junto a la Glorieta de Bilbao) en Madrid. Cuando? 30 de Diciembre de 1997, de 20:30 a 22:30 horas. Vale descuento de 200 pesetas para jugar una hora en Cybergame."

Quake II Magazine Archive: Off Topic — Arcade Flyers and Software Box Art

"Arcade flyers, cabinet design, decals, the box and packaging art are as important as any other part of the software that has been sold over the years; in earlier years of the computer industry, it had to serve as the entire pitch. These are attempts by many groups and individuals,, and the Internet Archive, to capture that unique artwork, even as the software itself lives on."

Quake II Magazine Archive: November 1997

"'We've built an entire world. It's not like Quake — four episodes of unrelated crap — we've built a planet and a race of aliens. We have areas in the game that people can identify with — bunkers, hangars, warehouses, power stations and stuff. And then we've established missions and goals for each area. We wanted people to believe they were in a real place.' This is Tim Willits talking. He's lead level designer on Quake II."

Quake II Magazine Archive: October 1997

"The release of Doom II in 1994 was one of the most unnoticed letdowns of the gaming world. The sprinkling of a few new enemies and one new weapon were enough to give Doom junkies their fix, but the game was a mere baby step forward in every way. Now, Quake 2 appears to have finally broken id's sophomore jinx, with so many improvements over the original that, for once, the two games look markedly different."

Quake II Magazine Archive: September 1997

"The Big One: Id Strikes Back With What Could Be Its Best Game Yet, by Elliott Chin and V. Long — This year, we scoured the E3 show floors with a mission: to strip away the chaft and find the best upcoming games to feed your gaming hunger for fall. What we found was a bevy of fantastic looking games spread throughout the genres, but the game we kept coming back to — the PC game with the biggest crowds of the show — was id's Quake II. Without a doubt, it was the Game of the Show."