Quake II Magazine Archive: October 1996

"Bezdyskusyjnym hitem numeru jest Quake, ktory wreszcie pojawil sie w sprzedazy - takze w Polsce, dzieki operatywnosci firmy Techland. Dla tych z Was, ktorzy zaraza sie quake'o-mania, przygotowalismy takze ekstra plakat. Hurrra!"

Quake II Magazine Archive: May 1996

"Few words stir a gamer's heart like 'Quake' does. Having conquered the world with Doom, id Software have been busy lads of late, alternating between taking phone calls from their Ferrari mechanics and knocking up another masterpiece. Great expectations have been placed on id, but whatever form Quake takes, it will surely disappoint some, just as it will unconditionally please most of the rest of us. A visit to the action games newsgroup on the internet shortly after ANY new 3D game is released shows heated debate. All new games are compared to Quake, despite the fact that until recently nobody outside id actually knew anything about it."