QuakeCon ’97: Photography by Jonathan “ZyFly” Works

Frag.Com's photo album of the biggest Quake event ever. Photography by Jonathan "ZyFly" Works. Sizing, thumbnails, HTML, and captions by Martin "DemonEater" Cox. Special thanks to the #trinity crew for their input.


Stomped.com: Paul Steed’s QuakeCon ’99 Wrapup

Paul Steed shared his QuakeCon '99 photos and summarized, "Whoohoo! How 'bout them Booth Babes!  I think while they didn't exactly make the show, they didn't hurt it either. They had a great time and were genuinely fascinated by the scope of QuakeCon99. Thanks to that organization Fuh-Reak, Anna Kang and the support of all the diligent volunteers, no one can deny this was by far the best community event in a long time."