{KYA} QCon2K: Kill Your Attitude Clan at QuakeCon 2000

We took a bazillion photos, and you can see them all here.  Qcon2K was some of the most fun EVER!  We had the pleasure of meeting some of our closest gamer friends that came from far away places such as Michigan and California. Commentary by {KYA}Hathor and {KYA}Mega (you figure out which parts were written by whom).  :)


Stomped.com: Paul Steed’s QuakeCon ’99 Wrapup

Paul Steed shared his QuakeCon '99 photos and summarized, "Whoohoo! How 'bout them Booth Babes!  I think while they didn't exactly make the show, they didn't hurt it either. They had a great time and were genuinely fascinated by the scope of QuakeCon99. Thanks to that organization Fuh-Reak, Anna Kang and the support of all the diligent volunteers, no one can deny this was by far the best community event in a long time."

GRAZING AT THE SERVER FARM by Dennis Cass, SPIN Magazine, July 1999

GRAZING AT THE SERVER FARM  Vaginal Love Beads, The Loser Rack, and a Shirt That Chicks Dig: A Three-Day LAN Party is Much, Much More than 4,320 Continuous Minutes of Quake. FEATURE by Dennis Cass. PHOTOS by Jeff Minton. SPIN Magazine, July 1999 FRIDAY SEVENTEEN YEAR-OLD TIFFANY BLECHA (A.K.A. MASCOT) doesn't play Quake 2 or …

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The First Online Pro Sport for the Computer Gaming Crowd: PGL Official News Updates, Seasons 1-3

The first online pro sport for the computer gaming crowd. Sponsored by AMD, hosted by Ten Entertainment Network, and driven by popular demand, the PGL will do for computer games what the NBA did for two peach baskets and a medicine ball. We're talking serious revolution. How serious? How about $250,000 in cash and prizes in the first year? How about "quit your day job and start honing your deathmatch skills" serious? Okay - now that we've got your attention, read on...