Lenny and Larry Campaign and More Quake 2 Machinima Videos by ILL Clan

The Internet Archive has brought back for public enjoyment Quake 2 machinima videos crafted by Brooklyn, NY's notorious ILL Clan. These include a series on the 2004 Election, as well as several "first ever" forms of Improv Comedy with machinima.


Res Magazine: Making a Quake II Movie by Frank Dellario aka ILL Bixby

Res Magazine: Making a Quake II Movie by Frank Dellario aka ILL Bixby The three basic steps to making Quake movies are the same as in filmmaking: pre-production, production and post-production. Machinima movies are being made using a variety of game engines but for simplicity's sake, I'm going to talk about what I know: Quake …

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Donnovan Movies Quake II Machinima: A Warrior’s Life and Donnovas Dream

A muito tempo ouvi rumores de que um filme (filme real) seria produzido baseado no jogo Quake I. Resolvi ir para o Yahoo e procurar por "Quake movie", não encontrei o que esperava mas encontrei uma pagina intitulada Quake Movie Library. Logo que entendi existir uma comunidade Quake Movie que fazem filmes para rodar em jogos fiquei maravilhado e comecei a baixar todos os filmes, eu queria ver tudo, nessa época praticamente só existiam filmes para o Quake 1.Nunca imaginei que um dia eu iria fazer filmes, mas resolvi pegar o Keygrip 2 (um dos principal programa para fazer filmes em Quake 2) para brincar. Acabei por fazer um minifilme em que um boneco se suicidava, com musica mapas e tudo, nesses dias eu já estava com o intuito re criar um filme. Esta cena futuramente se encaixou no filme Cirus Life. Iniciei a criação então, oficialmente, de Cirus Life. Depois vem uma história muito maior: A criação de A Warrior's Life.  A Warrior's Life assim como Cirus Life foram feitos por Donnovan. Depois do lançamento de A Warrior's Life finalmente decidi criar um grupo, a Donart Movies.

Quake Football League: QFL and KOTS Quake 2 mods by Norb

In speaking with this major prick of the Strogg and telling him about Earth, you acquire a signal to Earth's television broadcasts.  You flick through the channels, but he keeps stopping you at a football game.  He was very impressed how one team just marched up and down the field, totally decimating the other team.  He comments on how fun the game could be with weapons.  They were probably watching the Eagles (I'm from Philly).  A deal is made and a date is set, the battle over planet Earth will occurr on a football field.  Team Marine vs. Team Strogg.

PC POWERPLAY 22, February 1998, Australia: Technology that Makes the Magic, Playguide, and Creator’s Paradise

The arrival of Quake 2 signalled the end of just about everything else (other games, a social life, personal hygiene) for at least 6 months, as well as being another great leap forward to Upgrade Time for those with non-meaty PCs. Watching the phenomenon blossom is intriguing, though plotting its course is a no brainer. As expected, the online community swung into action from the outset. The existing 7.8 million or so Quake fan/news sites embraced the second coming with gusto, providing up-to-the-minute news and downloads... Quake 2’s long term value has been assured even only a few weeks after its release. There are enough hacks turned editor out there to sink the proverbial ship and the rate of people having a dabble is increasing every day. How long will Quake 2 last? Well let’s just say that if you played every single level, used every patch, made your own levels, played every TC you would be very old by the time you had finished. You would also die very happy. 

Australian Quake 2 Clan Oxygen: What is the Online Quake Scene? (for the Absolute Newbie)

The online quake scene, in its simplest form, is a bunch of people who all like playing the same game against each other (or with each other) over the internet. Clans are really just a group of people who get along well together, frag well together, share a common interest, organise wars, have fun and muck around. The last thing you need to know, is how to express your emotions - be it in the game, on message boards, in email or sms - from now on, smilies will be the tool you use to show your heartfelt pleasure, absolute disgust, indifference or sheer joy about the goings on in your world.