Quake Crimea Ukraine: The Dark Zone


So, here they are, the long-awaited photos. Immediately, I’ll make a reservation that they also shot White, StaR and Crime (digital camera), but they were “kind of squeezed” their photos :), or more simply, they haven’t scanned and uploaded them to us. By the way, Odessans! While Gosh is in Crimea, you have a unique opportunity to get any of the following photos, for this you just need to communicate with me.

General view of the room for the audience .

All attention to the screen. If it were not for this tulza, the organizing committee would have bothered to drive the spectators out of the game room :). And so, peace and quiet, all grandly sit and stick in the screen. Someone even yawns;)) …

In the audience: In the center – 511 • DimON, on the ground for the audience – GraveDigger [ThOR], AxeInHeaD [ThOR] (looks at the camera with a sleepy look), in the distance – OverKill [ RiF], 511 • Freak, [QuAD] -RenegaD. In the foreground: Mjolnir [ThOR], which opens its mouth wide, is the head of SPiRiT.SyS.

Prelude to the final.

Mjolnir [ThOR] vs AxeInHeaD [ThOR], semi final in fathers. The organizers stepped: it was necessary to arrange a live broadcast of what was happening in the game room during this duel. Dialogues of Mjolnira and Ax are simply indescribable, everyone bellowed like horses.

In the frame: at the door – Alexander Pelikh (organizing committee), sitting at the door – Stinger.SyS, face :) – White, head – SPiRiT.SyS, judge of the meeting – = Al! M = [QF], for tazikami – Mjolnir [ThOR], AxeInHeaD [ThOR], on the screens – the final score of the meeting.

Street improvisation on the topic: “Forgive my father, leaked!”

Cast (right to left): [BCQ] Ace in the role of asking for forgiveness, [BCQ] Douncan in the role of issuing forgiveness.

Photo for memory .

In the frame, from left to right, the bottom row: [QuAD] -RenegaD, GraveDigger [ThOR], [BCQ] StaR, Demon [RiF], OverKill [RiF], 511 • Freak, HaRoN [RiF], Gosh, [QuAD] – FoG.

Top row, from left to right:Khaydarin • LSD, Judicator • LSD, Sandr [ThOR], SPiRiT.SyS, Stinger.SyS, Lavamen [RiF], = Al! M = [QF], accidentally viewer, AxeInHeaD [ThOR] ( with an ax), Alexander Pelikh, Tormi [fsp], 511 • DimON, Mjolnir [ThOR], White aka Unin $ taller.SyS, the viewer, [BCQ] Douncan, the viewer (“Beavers” admin), Ksenia (in arms with … :), [BCQ] Ace, CrimE, DFCZ (aka Vasya), [IOTR] Gitler, [IOTR] Stalin.


The Dark Zone tournament report by [BCQ] StaR

(with my comments – Smile)

(and my little 8) – Douncan)

(well, like, and I am in business;) – Ace)

The idea to hold the tournament had been ripening for a long time, probably since May 1999, but the last straw was the notorious Challenger (Q2 tournament at Kazantip), which disgraced its organizers (and the Kwak movement in Crimea as a whole).

For the first time we thought about our own tournament after two events happened at about the same time: the half-empty site of the Challenger “opened” and a champ with the big name “Quake II Teamplay Crimea Open” took place in Simferopol, but the organization left much to be desired. On June 14, Star criticized this champ on quake.crimea.ua, which caused a hot disassembly on the board of the same site.”Understood”, mostly Star, I, V9-CD and V4-Stinger. The last two are just champion and organized. And now, already distant :) June evening, at work, to us (Star and I) had the idea to make my own champ, which I reported (ambiguously, really) on the board. Unfortunately, there are no archive boards on the site, so this message is most likely ordered to live long.

The Challenger did not disgrace the organizers as much as it showed: they did not understand what they were doing. The Quakers discussed the event between themselves, twisted a finger at their heads (someone even tried to guide the organizers on the right path) and slowly forgot. Perhaps someone has concluded that in the Crimea they are not able to do the champions. (Smile)

And we, Smile and I, just decided (probably we sat and drank beer :) to make a tournament with our own hands. With the prize fund, the issue was resolved immediately quickly and simply: we agreed that each of us would put his $ 100. The issue with the club also seemed to be resolved positively – the familiar guys (Dima Smirnov and Sasha Pelikh) were just rushing around to the tax inspectorates and punching the premises and any other nonsense. Talked and forgotten.

Generally speaking, from the very, very beginning (we didn’t go beyond the two of us) it was planned to hold a small tournament among our Simferopol Quakers, or, as Star said then: “Let’s get together and arrange a holiday for ourselves.”(Smile)

The question arose again in the month of July, when we drank beer again :).

Hehe, forever we have some great things :) decide for beer … (Smile)

Well, I say that alcoholism causes genius. And you – “one should drink less, one should sleep more ….”;))) (Ace)

Then we just said to ourselves: what is the rubber pull. Pulling Duncan out of work at lunchtime, ..

Star and I were just discussing the thoughts of Lavamen [RiF] ‘and laid out on July 13 on quake.kharkov.com. True, I was critical (as usual), because Lavamen did not outline everything in his plan. And besides the three of us, WhoKnows was present at that “historical” drinking of beer under a willow near “Kuklyashki”, who kept the content of our conversations secret, for which he had a separate human thanks :). (Smile)

… they discussed all the questions that were of concern to us at that time: the prize fund, the participants and their number, what to play.By the way, then the champ was planned local and we thought only about non-resident judges. How it ended you know. :)

I really wanted people to look at Kwaku as a SPORT, and not a “next toy.”
And about ideology.
1. The tournament was made by rather adult people (the average age is over 25;)
2. The tournament was done exclusively on enthusiasm. No commerce .
3. The tournament was made for players and spectators, but not for the organizers.
We hope it was noticeable, and in many respects determined how exactly the tournament turned out. (Ace)

At the beginning of August, Dimka and I sat up to one in the morning at work and drew a detailed plan of the event in the Microsoft Project, where the actual days of the tournament were already arranged by the hour. It seems to me that it is precisely such a bureaucratic approach (you know, such is the work of the project manager’a :) to a greater degree determined the success of the tournament. With this plan we came to the owners of the club. We discussed the details, finally decided on the dates and even increased the prize fund, which was announced as the minimum guaranteed.

It was not quite like that. We (a crowd of people under 20 =) just returned from the first (or second … I do not remember) trip to Kazan. I, under the impression of what I saw, called the Challenger, made a plan of almost 60 points where everything was painted: from banal work with iron and ending with the wires of the guests. And then there were meetings with the owners of the club and a daily / hourly plan in Microsoft Project (ugly tulza, by the way, if not for her, we would have left at least an hour and a half earlier at least). (Smile) I

confirm. It was a heartbreaking sight. =: – {} (Ace)

The next step was the distribution of responsibilities. There were not so many people: Smile, Douncan, Ace, Star and the club (Dima and Sasha). The latter were engaged in the club, Smile was involved in advertising and sponsors, Ace was appointed responsible for the iron, Douncan – public relations, I developed the rules of the tournament, met with representatives of the club and helped as best I could :)

By the way, it was thanks to Ace that we had such a cool TV set on the tournament!

I blush;))) (Ace)
To be precise, no one was engaged in any direction in its pure form. Star, in parallel with the rules, constantly communicated with Dima and Sasha, sometimes connected to work with sponsors and advertising (we ran around almost all the clubs and a couple of universities of the city),

or training;))) or four, if you remember Mihalych;) (Ace ) the

last days, together with Ace and Sasha Pelikh, fiddled with software and hardware; Ace worked more with glands, but sometimes communicated with sponsors (the idea with the telly was not to say whose :), but the fact that it was such a telly with us was entirely the merit of Ace’a); V4-Stinger, for some reason forgotten by the Old, was engaged in sponsors;Douncan also had a hand in advertising outside the Crimea; to myself, humble, say nothing :). (Smile)

As usual, you must first estimate the time, and then multiply it by two. The plan was good, but we didn’t meet it :( The club premises were ready three days before the tournament began, so we spent the last three days there, preparing and testing the iron and sleeping 3-4 hours a day :( And yet we managed :).

Probably worth mentioning the name of the tournament. Bulo working, signed by Smile, – “On The Edge”. Type as “On the Outskirts”. At the drinking party (read – “the planning meeting”;) by the majority it was recognized as a bad, unsuitable name;) In the morning we had an idea with Star about one of the names dm4 or dm6 (“Bad Place” or “Dark Zone”). After 15 minutes, I found Smile, who diligently smothered a black photoshop leaf with red letters “DZ”.Understand my surprise – Smile was not present during this conversation. Every day I’m convinced that people have a kind of beer-vodka field, with which you can transmit thoughts at a distance (although from whom to whom the idea was transmitted – this is a question;). Needless to say – the name of all your favorite mapy stuck;) And also about the slippery moment – refusal of ztn-s: Initially, the organizing committee’s opinions were divided: some thought that ZTNs didn’t need to include, others thought that “the audience will get tired of watching in an hour on three mappas “(c);). In the end, he taxied “they can always be crossed out,” and ZTNs appeared in the list. However, the government took this fact without due enthusiasm. The organizing committee began to sausage.Hemous organizing committee members were going to shoot each other from bumsticks, defending their opinion. ;) But then there was OTETS R7-Zombie, who sent the application. He noted that “If there were no ZTNs, more people would come from Moscow.” The last straw broke the camel’s back. The issue has been resolved. ZTN’s gone … (Ace)

On Friday, September 17, Douncan met SPiRiT and White. And in the evening, when I arrived at the club at about 9 o’clock in the evening (it didn’t work at the time of work:) the guests were already in place. Douncan started to get into a fever and panic that they don’t have time to say nichrome, to which we answered him with Ace that everything will be Ok and do their work.

On Thursday evening [BCQ] Renegad and I agreed that in the morning we will go on his typewriter to meet guests. On Friday at about 10 am at the railway station we met Stingera and went to meet the Moscow train on which the R4-Shurik was supposed to arrive, but it was not in the car 8. (. Online that day was Smile, who was immediately informed about it. Smile I threw info on the zonovskuyu board and aski familiar Muscovites .. “And in response to silence” – (c) VS Vysotsky.

By half past twelve we ([BCQ] Renegade, Stinger and I) came up to meet the Kiev train and saw the latter being late for an hour a little upset. Pretty start 8). An hour later, at the main entrance to the city, a rather crowd of people met. Arrival in _3_ minutes, but the platform is not announced … In the end, we hear “… on the seventh platform” – hurray, let’s go. We didn’t have time to do it and see a step. So he comes to the station … In short, White and SPiRiT met us on a peron.Having stuck off an excuse about the complete dissoluteness of the information service, the railway all went together to take a picture under the main clock of the city on the way, uncorking a cool (not banks, but a thermos) 8 guests) beer. And now we are standing backwards smiling at the camera, and the “photographer” is about a third of the sidewalk intercepted 8), people mostly get around seeing such a thing, but not everyone can see it turns out. At the moment when the shutter almost clicks right in front of the camera (20 8 self meters), the old woman bent over with a stick and with a sense of self-esteem passes … I hope the smiles turned out well (hello Kiev 8)) After loading the car, we went to Stinger and left there SPiRiT’a and went to dinner with me, dinner 8) for which Lenchik thank you so much. Having a little rest, we went through the local sights and, after taking photos in these places, to the billiards club “Leon”. Shortly having rolled the balls went to the club.(Douncan)

Recalling the week before the tournament, I can say the following: the closer the date of the event became, the more and more the tension grew. Two or three times we were very close to having a fight in earnest. Swear hard. As we did not have a fight on Friday, I am still amazed. :)

“Angels” was not. Each of us somewhere protermozil. There were very serious problems with the furniture, because of which the adjustment of equipment began four days later. Once or two the necessary drivers were forgotten for glands. Some people even managed to disappear at the most inopportune moment when it was necessary to go and collect the same damn pieces of iron. And nevertheless …

If someone thinks that holding the tournament itself (two days) is the most difficult, then he is deeply mistaken. There are two, in my opinion, very important things: a team of people who are able to work with each other, and well thought-out preparationto the last detail . If both factors are present, then the tournament itself will pass, as I already wrote on the site, “quickly and cheerfully.” And it is very important to remember that the common cause should always be above personal ambitions. (Smile)

Well, then those who were in the tournament, they know what happened …

In the morning, arrived in Odessa and Kharkov, who met all the same Douncan with [BCQ] Renegade’om and brought them to the club.Ace didn’t cheat me with Ace, in spite of the fact that Ksenia, my wife :), otpaivala us coffee, and instead of watching the people play, relax and gain strength, we rushed like mad (we took spectator cars on the street and any other nonsense), As a result, we played just lazho: (Although, however, see the standard otmazkolist :)))) It’s a shame only that Duncan moved out and didn’t play – he was fresh for us all.

In the club;) said that it is necessary to meet the Polotsk train which should arrive = AI! M = [QF] =. In addition to the arrival time of the train, nothing was known, and no one went to meet the train. In the morning = AI! M = [QF] =, malada, called me at home and we agreed on the place and time of the meeting. True, we with White and Kventin (my son) were 20 minutes late, sorry Alim. There were already [BCQ] Renegade, V4-Stinger and V7-Jazzz at the station. The train from Kharkov came on schedule. Having met Lavamen’a [RiF], OverKill’a [RiF], Demon’a [RiF], HaRoN’a [RiF], 511.Dimon’a and 511.Freak’a, the Odessa train was left to wait. The guys from Kharkov had two big bags of beer. As it turned out later, this is a gift to the organizers, a big senks 8).

HaRoN [RiF] had some business in the city and V7-Jazzz agreed to be a “guide” 8), for which he thanks a lot. The train from Odessa also did not come on schedule. By meeting Gohs, Mjolnir [Thor], AxeInHead [Thor], GraveDigger’a [Thor], Sandr’a [Thor], [QuAD] -RenegaD’a and [QuAD] -FoG’a all together went to the club. (Douncan)

Duntsan turned out to be wiser than us :), although if it were not for the 32nd player (Yes, yes! It was the 32nd. Not all nonresident who registered in advance came to the tournament, but others came instead. Not all local , although, what is the most offensive, beat his heels in the chest …), then he would play as pretty! ;). And so “shame” only you with Ace’om, yes I am. :))))

Due to the registration, the start of the games was delayed for almost an hour. However, thanks to the clear work of the judges (Lavamen [RiF] – drummer of judicial work :), the activities of the first day ended before the half-hour schedule. I think that several failed games in losers (due to the non-appearance / delay of duelists) also did their job.

The day passed clearly, each was in his place and did his own thing. Gosh immediately started taking into account the results and keeping the standings, thanks to him we were subsequently able to restore the whole course of events. In principle, there was almost no intrigue for us: we knew how local players play and had an idea of ​​how they “bite” :) nonresident. The results can be seen on quake.crimea.ua.

The only time we protupili when not hung a curtain in the game room. As a result, it was very hard to play behind one of the cars – it was illuminating the screen. (Smile)

Well, in the evening there was a beer !!! A lot of beer!!! And a fish!

Beer and fish Р-Е-Ш-А-Л-И! (the phrase is pronounced with a Petersburg accent) (Smile)

Nah. just RULI (pronounced with the Crimean;) (Ace)

And instead of going to sleep, I hung up all night in the club. Having rearranged the cars in an hour, the Odessa team and the team of Hyarkov + Kiev sat down to play TF. I was sick for Kharkov :) And they taxed Odessa just with a crushing score. And then there was just a DM3 timple, there were duels, a lot of duels. There was even a second quake, but this was on Singer.Sys’s conscience, which Douncan had loaded, saying that the holiday of the first and not the second quake was supposedly here. And did the right thing! :)

Since during the TF, all the basins were occupied by Alim offered to play billiards, to which I immediately agreed, they ordered a table by phone and everyone went to the same club to play a Moskovka. Alim taxis not childish, I got great pleasure from the game, and received an invitation to play in Kremenchug 8).

Upon returning to the club, we agreed to play a 4×4 team play, and after that we played several games 8) But I had to “raise” someone … sorry guys. (Douncan)

All night the people toiled, because there was one folding bed, and the chairs were not very comfortable to sleep. I fell home at half past eight (I walked 100 meters to the house) and nearly slept through the final game – thanks to Ace who called and woke me up.

In the morning, the entire organizing committee was of itself … um … how could it be softer … a very shitty sight, I don’t even want to describe. = Al! M = [QF] = was right: the tournament is either being held or is participating in it. Although I would not refuse to try one more time :). (Smile)

I want to note that 300 grams of vodka are resolved in the morning;)))) Recommendations of the best dog breeders;))) (Ace)

I want to express my gratitude to Sergey Latyshev that in the morning he offered tea, coffee, beer to everyone who wished it) and did not forget organize the transfer of computers in the game room.

In the morning I, along with UU0JX’om, had to leave for the tickets (by the way, they did not buy the tickets) to the station and do some things …

Arriving for dinner and publicly asking Ace 8), = Al! M =, OverKill, Lavemen , White, Ace, UU0JX, Crime and I went to some local eatery for a snack and one for a drink, for people, for a holiday 8) (Douncan)

Due to the absence of the majority of the organizing committee in the morning, Gosh assumed the leadership Lavamen [RiF] and = Al! M = [QF] =. When I appeared on the horizon, several duels were already played in the group of fathers.

Again, due to the absence of some local (!) Players, some of the losers in the ball went into the next round. However, there was nothing to regret: the non-comers were running meat, and the lot had practically no effect on the final alignment. (Smile)

I personally didn’t like the ending of the tournament, namely the quick gathering of the Odessans. A lot of people were late for the final due to the transfer of games to a more earlier time: (

And the award was just rulez! And of course taxied ax!

Thank you Over’u for the honor, but I did not do it personally. Again, the idea about the audience award came to us with Ace’om when we again drank beer :))))

That’s how it was always, they stole the laurels without asking …; (
And I even remember the place where this idea was born … (Smile)
Paaaduumamaaesh …;))) And no one stole the lavrushka.Three of us sat in the sail. Drank. Came up with. Sex, ax kill & rock’n’roll;). (Ace)

Well, then I ran around the city, looking for an ax. I found it … And then our mutual friend Serega Ivanov made it (the ax) with his own hands from beginning to end. For which he thanks a lot!

And nevertheless, if I hadn’t been twitched with a request to show the ax, who knows who would get it. IMHO, the duel of Ace vs Haron was the only one after which the audience patted.And in general, when Ace played, the people really enjoyed themselves, worried, supported. And in general, as Duncan said (may I quote? :): “When Ace appeared on the first day at the door, with a tape recorder on his shoulder, as usual in a jacket and sneakers, it was chronically unshaven, it became clear: a slob appeared :), the spectacle was provided . ” I also personally liked the game of Auver, for the sake of it it would be worthwhile to approve another prize: “For the will to win.”(Smile)

Slander !!!! Clean water slander !!! I was SHAVE;))) (see pictures). Vick still hit me: “Well, why did you shave !!!;)” (Ace)

After the photo on the memory, Gosh and I went to the station to accompany Yalta and Odessa. Odessans left by papal taking “rafik” to Odessa 8) Arriving at the club, we discovered the absence of Alim and Kharkov with Belgorod. Gosh stayed in the club, and I went to the station, where, together with Star’om, Alim was first conducted, and then the Kharkov team, together with Belgorod residents. I will not describe night adventures, much and not everyone is interested. In the morning, SPiRiT, Stinger and CD came to me. On behalf of the organizing committee and on my own behalf, I would like to thank V4-Stinger for tickets to Kiev station for the most “white” 8) 12 train, 12 car, and SPiRiT also has 12th place 8) (Douncan)

And a few words about refereeing. The judges decided! :) Many thanks to them all and to the names of Gosh, Lavamen, Al! M, White and SPiRiT for high professionalism, wisdom and endless patience.Without you, the tournament simply would not have been a success.

Adnaznachna !!! Judges finally JUST MALADY-STAKHANOVTS !!! I think that next time I will give the prize to the judge. I even have thoughts on which one;) And once again – the judges, THANK YOU THANKS HUGE VOLUME !!!(Ace)

And there were just people who worried about us and made every effort to make the holiday take place. First of all, many thanks and a smack on the cheek of my wife (she is Ksenia), who did not let me die in those few days, which pumped all of our coffee and that was just around the corner. Many thanks to the guys from the club – Dima Smirnov and Sasha Pelikh for the fact that they did not lose heart and were with us to the end with all their efforts to ensure that everything worked out for us. Thanks are also given to our sidekick friends Kisha Murochkin, Leshka Rudakov and Zheka Shepilov (aka CrimE) for moral support and good mood.

Misha Kurochkin (he is Kisha Murochkin) would like to express a special thank you for his radio spot for the tournament, and also because only HIT-FM, with his submission, the next morning announced the results of the tournament for all of Simferopol.

Thanks to Stas Molyanov for donating his home computer with great Sonya, on the first day they were very useful :).

There is a vague feeling that someone forgot, correct. (Smile)

Special thanks to all the spectators who came to look at our adventure, and thus created a terrible stir (hello Max, Igor, Seryoga, Irka, Yarik, Zhenya and everything-everything-everything;)

Well, in MANDATORY order:
THANKS TO ALL PLAYERS !!! Thank you for the kind words addressed to us, for your understanding and patience. We tried especially for you and the audience.

Many thanks personally to Sergey Vdovin (“JV ALBI”) for their invaluable help, Ivan Obukhov aka Ivan (“CrIS.Net”) for providing a mobile intimate communication tool;)))) (Ace)

Well, finally with sponsors. Soft Navigator – without them (and without the club) nothing would have happened. ABC – thanks for the insight and prizes. It is very pleasant and easy to communicate with you. JV Albi – TV SOLVED! 70 percent of the success of the tournament was provided by your JVC screen. El-Micro – without computers (basins as the players called loving them) we would not hold an event, so thank you so much! ELPO is a company thanks to which our tournament has become international. The guys from the Belgorod clan [511] from BelCNIT under BelGTASM took part in the championship thanks to them. According to the players, ELPO is not only the whole range of computer, office, telecommunication equipment and software, but also just good people who are always ready to provide support.

I join these warm words, thank you. (Douncan)

Me too .. Well, what can I add? THANK !!! (Ace)

In conclusion, a few words from above.

On Monday, after seeing the last guests (Star, Douncan and I) and getting into the car, Duncan said: “Let’s just sit and keep silent for a couple of minutes.”

We sat and thought … Everyone about his. I thought about how it would be nice to sleep, and how much more work in the club, where and how we made a mistake during the tournament (damn curtain :) … Then I just felt tired, then I stupidly looked out the window. Silence broke the same Duncan, who did not sleep last night, entertaining guests. We started talking about the tournament and other nonsense, I started the engine, and we went: who is to work, who is to rest.

At the very beginning, before the real preparation for the tournament began, we dreamed: if this tournament succeeds, it makes sense to think about the following, it makes sense to arrange a more ambitious event, for example, to hold a duel and triple tournament at the same time, and to arrange something by the summer like a little olympiad. We thought about the federation (league, call it what you like), how to streamline our movement, how to lay down the legal basis. So many plans, and so little time …

Kremlin dreamers, damn it;))))))))

So, to be continued? :)


More Images from Quake.Crimea.UA

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