’s Digital Opposition ’99 LAN Party’s Digital Opposition ’99 LAN Party

Digital Opposition ’99 will be a large LAN event taking place in the Meadowlands Plaza hotel in Secaucus New Jersey.  100 of the east coast’s best Quake2, Quake3, Tribes, Half-Life, Kingpin and Unreal players will battle head-to-head for 68 hours on Columbus Day weekend.  We’ll be running a whole bunch of different game servers from each game, including the most popular teamplay modifications played online.  Super-fast dual CPU servers running on a 100Mbit network will help gamers achieve the Zen of multi-player gaming:  a sub-20 ping with ABSOLUTELY NO PACKET LOSS, for 72 hours… with 100 victims to choose from!  There will be public games for all to play on as well as tournament servers set up to run our scheduled tournaments.

There will be a tournament ladder set up for the most popular games and modifications at DO99.  We’ll be giving away team prizes for the winners of each tournament as well as a few door prizes depending on the amount of support we get.  There will be food, snacks, and refreshments served throughout the entire event. Event staff will be in the room at all times (all day and all night) to ensure safety and security of the room, and to make sure things run smoothly.

The Meadowlands Plaza hotel in Secaucus, NJ is a great central location on the East Coast of North America. It has 176 overnight rooms, and a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.   The hotel is within public transportation of most of the metro area including most NJ malls and airports and is approximately 15 minutes from NYC.

Digital Opposition ’99 will be the best LAN event on the East Coast this fall, so reserve your spot and room today!  Don’t forget to tell your friends and clan mates about DO99!  This is one event you don’t want to miss!

What to Bring: $30 prepaid in advance or $35 at the door for 68 hours of non-stop action.  Includes PC space, network hookup, snacks and refreshments for the entire event.  We worked out a deal with the hotel and got a block of rooms (doubles with 2 beds) for $80/night with free continental breakfast.  Hurry with your reservations… rooms at this rate are going quickly! Your PC, monitor, mouse, keyboard, joysticks / gamepads, mouse pads, headphones, necessary software (Win 95/98 discs, etc.), some shopping money, surge protectors, cables, network card (a must!), and above all, your skills!

What NOT to Bring:  Huge monitors (please don’t bring your 21″ monitor, unless it’s absolutely all you have), PC speakers, bad ego’s or attitudes (you are there to have fun-it is a LAN party, after all!).

Barely a half hour after we arrive and there’s already people on the LAN.

Bigred hookin da machine up.

More people showing up.  I think the first out of two power outages happened around this time.   Quick fix though… new circuit!

A bit fuzzy, but thank Sephiroth for that!  Next time use the flash.  :)

Guess who took this one?  :)  I’ll fix this one when I get some time.  Just tilt your head to the left.

AxisRune kickin it in one of the Quakes.  (Q2 or Q3, not sure)

Standing on the back table behind Clan 420’s booty.

Random shot from the other side of the room.

Same place, with flash.  (Sorry, my fault on the previous one… don’t blame Seph)

Suckmonkey showing us all how much he loves birds as Quietus and Profit look over Swamp’s shoulder for a view of his l33t hiding skillz.  :)

Don’t ask… the pic came out nice and clear.  Before Mega and Talon could make it we had 40 players on this hub… yay packet loss!

A shot from the back corner of the room… Reklaw and Zrill are entrenched in a game of Starcraft.

Ahh!   The VA crew has arrived, and guess who is piss drunk?  =)

Swamp, Quietus, and an inebriated Revenant pose as Suckmonkey shows us his fine-feathered-friend one more time.

Talon’s booty… man that’s a lot of stuff!

Talon setting up as Swamp guns one down.  Suckmonkey commenting on how Rev’s pants are falling down… notice the OTHER flip-flop is on now… buahaha.

Eww… Swamp sleeps with his eyes half open?  Must’ve been Suck’s beer.

Quietus taking a quick power nap Saturday morning @ 4 or 5 am.

It’s 5 am Saturday morning and it’s just Talon and myself setting up the switch and rewiring the network.

Saturday brings a full day of gaming and the beginning of the tournaments.

A shot from my station in the back of the room.

PhazeOne giving Deathw a big phat one.

The Plague deep into an Insta-Gib game.

HerbanLegend chatting with Darakar and Quietus as Rev grabs some pr0n from the LAN.  ;)

Krazy, Mire, Zinger, Viper, and DCG chatting about something.

Those wacky Canucks!  Freakboy, Groove and Malloc chillen in “middle earth.”

Endo and Profit pose for a snapshot.

Chipper checks out Mire’s barricade in the back corner.  Don’t step on the wires!

Team 3, winners of the Q2 LMCTF 5v5 tournament.  From left to right:  Darakar, Redrum, Sherbz, Quietus, and Revenant.

Johnholio after going up against Revenant in the finals of the Insta-Gib 1v1 tournament.

Monday morning, people are packing up.

Another monday shot from behind Talon’s computers.

The HBA crew as they pack their machines up after a long night of Half-Life TFC.  “Where’s my MEDIC!!!!!!”   =)

Bigred, Malloc, Groove, and Freakboy pose for a pic before heading out.

Ahh… the moment of Zen.  ‘Nuff said.

Digital Opposition 1999 Results

420 vs US scrim.

LMCTF 5v5 match between Krazy’s team and Evil’s team.

Pub game on LMCTF17

Pub game on LMCTF22

LMCTF 5v5 match between Evil’s team and Suckmonkey’s team.

LMCTF 5v5 (missing one each) between IronLocust’s team and Bigred’s team.

LMCTF 5v5 Final match.

A first round LMCTF 5v5 match.

…another first round match.

Insta-Gib 1v1 Final between Revenant and Johnholio.  Map 1 of 2.

Insta-Gib 1v1 Final between Revenant and Johnholio.  Map 2 of 2.

SAC vs. DT scrim.

Insta-Gib 1v1 Semi-Final between Swamp and the plague.  Map 1 of 3.

Insta-Gib 1v1 Semi-Final between Swamp and the plague.  Map 2 of 3.

Insta-Gib 1v1 Semi-Final between Swamp and the plague.  Map 3 of 3.

Random Insta-Gib pub game, courtesy of Seedless.

Digital Art by Nicolas Dor

(Note from Donde: I think Nicolas maybe IS the IronLocust)

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    1. hope you can see this —

      plenty of people still playing LMCTF – we got a good community and organized leagues/tournaments:

      if you and FecalFreak ever want to dust things off and get back into LM — we’d love to have you come out and play again.

      If you get this – reach out to me “” or “”.

      I’ll hit you up with the discord channel invite and get you everything you’d need to get crackin’ again. hope to see you again soon.

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