Hellchick: QuakeJam 2002

Hellchick: QuakeJam 2002

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Those of us who are musicians who were also attending QuakeCon 2002 decided to get together and jam. QuakeJam was the result. BobdaNailer took these pics — be sure and catch his band The Tequila Snortin’ Llamas in Texas!

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Me! Don’t I look like a total dork when I play?



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Sal “Sluggo” Accardo on the right, while I play bass. I think we were playing something from the Quake 2 soundtrack.

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Ellis, me, and Jimix

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From left to right: Broken, Ellis, Travelyan (from Team Sportscast Network), and Kenji on drums

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Tempest, Jimix, and LightningCrash

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Broken, Ellis, Kenji, Tempest, Jimix, and me

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Ellis, Broken, and Travelyan


Group photo by Bradley William Herzing, who was shooting for a documentary about gaming at QuakeCon. On floor, left to right: Ellis, Broken, DaFragsta; standing left to right – The Krow, BobDaNailer, LightningCrash, Kenji, Sluggo, Tempest, Hellchick (me)


One thought on “Hellchick: QuakeJam 2002

  1. kenji

    Hey it’s Kenji! So great to see someone still remembers this time. This period of gaming and brotherhood will never come again. And I’ll never forget the bottles of Jager that made for some authentic Stevie Ray Vaughn. haha! It was a total blast and I hope everyone is doing well. Here’s to hoping we’ll meet again and jam someday!


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